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4-H Club LogoCheck out our new 4-H logo shirt designs that you can customize for your group or county shirts.  We have specific designs using the official 4-H logo.  You can change text, shirt color and more to make your 4-H group look awesome! 

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4-H Club Shirts - Harvard desn-54m4
Harvard > 54m4
4-H Club Shirts - Got Legacy cool-3g3
Got Legacy > 3g3
4-H Club  Shirts - Field Day is Good desn-452g4
Field Day Is Good > 452g4
4-H Club Shirts - Speedway desn-495t1
Speedway > 495t1
4-H Club Shirts - 4-H Emblem cool-54c1
4-H Club Emblem  > 54c1
4-H Club Shirts - A-League desn-618b1
A-League > 618b1
4-H Club Shirts - 4-H Shield cool-58s1
4-H Shield > 58s1
4-H Club Shirts - Love 4-H cool-52l1
Love 4-H > 52l1
4-H Club Shirts - Class Decal desn-762d4
Class Decal > 762d4
4-H Club Shirts - Sunset Sounds clas-660t7
Sunset Sounds > 660t7
4-H Club Shirts - Super Crest clas-781v7
Super Crest > 781v7
4-H Club Shirts - Supreme Sound desn-815s4
Supreme Sound > 815s4
4-H Club Shirts - Sport Seal desn-337s7
Sport Seal > 337s7
4-H Club Shirts - Radio World desn-642r2
Radio World > 642r2
4-H Club Shirts - New Vintage desn-519q1
New Vintage > 519q1
4-H Club Shirts - Nassau clas-792s1
Nassau > 792s1
4-H Club Shirts - Keep Calm desn-613n2
Keep Calm > 613n2
4-H Club Shirts - Jester clas-589k1
Jester > 589k1
4-H Club Shirts - Insanity desn-483j6
Insanity > 483j6
4-H Club Shirts - All Around clas-518c2
All Around > 518c2

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4-H Pledge


4-H Club Shirts - Athletic Sport clas-507b9
Athletic Sport > 507b9
4-H Club Shirts - Colt Logo desn-50c2
Colt Logo > 50c2
4-H Club Shirts - Best In Show cool-60b1
Best In Show > 60b1
4-H Club Shirts - Double Pride desn-265d2
Double Pride > 265d2


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You are a 4-H'er when....

  • you use Pinterest to find 4H projects.
  • you are always looking for emerald green tops when you go shopping.
  • the best grace to say is the one you sang at 4-H camp.
  • the house is upside down but it doesn't matter it's fair-season.
  • you scope the white pants at the salvation army all year to be ready for show season.

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