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School Spirit T Shirt - Classic Mascot desn-500c1
Classic Mascot > 500c1
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School Spirit T Shirt - Vintage clas-460y6
Vintage > 460y6
School Spirit T Shirt - Statement clas-787t8
Statement > 787t8
School Spirit T Shirt - Funky Stars clas-382h2
Funky Stars > 382h2
School Spirit T Shirt - Just That Good clas-860w2
Just That Good > 860w2
School Spirit T Shirt - Jersey Banner clas-823k1
Jersey Banner > 823k1
School Spirit T Shirt - Cap Spirit  desn-750c1
Cap Spirit > 750c1
School Spirit T Shirt - Nassau clas-792p9
Nassau > 792p9
School Spirit T Shirt - I Heart Vintage desn-149i6
I Heart Vintage > 149i6
School Spirit T Shirt - Ball Park clas-693d6
Ball Park > 693d6
School Spirit T Shirt - Rockin clas-801s1
Rockin > 801s1
School Spirit T Shirt - Scripture clas-699w2
Scripture > 699w2
School Spirit T Shirt - Retro Tail clas-571s6
Retro Tail > 571s6
School Spirit T Shirt - Punk Collage clas-925r8
Punk Collage > 925r8
School Spirit T Shirt - Nassau Slogan clas-934n2
Nassau Slogan > 934n2
School Spirit T Shirt - Squad Template clas-824w7
Squad Template > 824w7
School Spirit T Shirt - Vintage clas-460y9
Vintage > 460y9
School Spirit T Shirt - Harvard desn-54l1
Harvard > 54l1
School Spirit T Shirt - Just That Good clas-860n8
Just That Good > 860n8
School Spirit T Shirt - Primo Shield desn-499p2
Primo Shield > 499p2
School Spirit T Shirt - Skynard clas-763s4
Skynard > 763s4
School Spirit T Shirt - Claw Tear desn-108e3
Claw Tear > 108e3
School Spirit T Shirt - red Tail Hawks desn-708r1
Red Tail Hawks > 708r1
School Spirit T Shirt - Paradise clas-755p3
Paradise > 755p3
School Spirit T Shirt - Random Words desn-268w7
Random Words > 268w7
School Spirit T Shirt - Jaybirds Spirit desn-711j2
Jaybirds Spirit > 711j2
School Spirit T Shirt - Radiating desn-37r8
Radiating > 37r8
School Spirit T Shirt - Chatter clas-681e6
Chatter > 681e6
School Spirit T Shirt - All Star Leader desn-327a9
All Star Leader > 327a9
School Spirit T Shirt - School Block desn-211s1
School Block > 211s1
School Spirit T Shirt - City Peace desn-467c1
City Peace > 467c1
School Spirit T Shirt - Leopard Nation desn-761l1
Leopard Nation > 761l1
School Spirit T Shirt - Royal Line clas-725r8
Royal Line > 725r8
School Spirit T Shirt - Vista Emblem clas-743v6
Vista Emblem > 743v6
School Spirit T Shirt - Sport Seal desn-337s4
Sport Seal > 337s4
School Spirit T Shirt - Tiger Staff desn-685t1
Tiger Staff > 685t1

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Top 10 Most Popular School Spirit Shirt Design Ideas

You want to pump up the school spirit, and we have just the customizable t-shirt designs to help wow your students.  Here are ten of the most popular designs that schools like yours are handing out to students to help rock the school pride vibe.

1. We Will Rock You

Is your school top-notch?  State the obvious to those who aren't in the know with a [your school name] School Rocks shirt that can be customized with text and a school logo or crest.

2. Working Together to Make Something More

Choose the words that make your students who they are.  While we picked words like teamwork, focus and excellence, you can adjust your words to include your own attributes.  All these random words in your school colors make quite the impact design element.

3. Got Pride?

Bearcat, Patriot, Cougar - whatever kind of pride your school boasts, make it official on a trendy school spirit tee.  Your fully customizable shirt will shout your pride to the rooftops with hand-fashioned text standing out on a shirt color of your choice.

4. Stamp of Approval

Make an impact with a design that is traditional and steeped in school pride.  Your students will look hand-stamped and part of your impressive educational process.  Your stamp can be customized to include your school name, school color and descriptive terms of a shirt color of your choice.

5. Rock the Pride

We know you have pride; yes, you do.  But now you can wear it on a custom crew!  So, the only question left ot ask is: are you ready to make it clear to your rivals?

6. Sand-Blasted New

Why not start out with a design that looks a little worse for the wear and only gets better with time?  This I Heart [Your Team Name] tee expresses school devotion and goes great with the acid wash skiny jeans your students are currently tranding.

7. Are You Bleeding Yet?

If your students live and breath school colors, then they are sure to feel a strong connection.  The I Bleed school colors t-shirt is fully customizable for making the perfect tee for your screaming student section.

8. Simple and Memorable

Want a custom school t-shirt that is simple and fresh?  Many of our customers love to order a shirt that has a simple school name and year that they can all add their signatures. 

9. Sweet and Simple

A banner and logo in a simple, colorful outline is a great way to commemorate your school and unify your students.  This unique tee is clean-cut and straightforward.

10. Baseball Retro

Everyone loves a good throwback, and your school team name in a retro font makes one great t-shirt.  Choose a font and shirt in your school colors, or throw care out the window and dare to choose bright colors that stand out in a crowd!



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Can I use my own designs?

If you have a spirit shirt idea, class logo, team mascot, or slogan, just send us your design file (.eps, .ai, .cdr, or .psd- using our Contact Us page)  and we'll take care of the rest.  As always, there are no additional fees to use your own designs.  


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