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Senior Class T Shirt - Campaign desn-724c5
Campaign > 724c5
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Senior Class T Shirt - Big Respect desn-548f8
Big Respect > 548f8
Senior Class T Shirt - Crown Seniors logo-233c2
Crown Seniors > 233c2
Senior Class T Shirt - Big Respect desn-548f7
Big Respect > 548d7
Senior Class T Shirt - Done Vintage desn-956d3
Done Vintage > 956d3
Senior Class T Shirt - Senioritis  cool-78s4
Senioritis > 78s4
Senior Class T Shirt - Keep it Classy  logo-174k6
Keep it Classy > 174k4
Senior Class T Shirt - Classy Class desn-726e9
Classy Class > 726e9
Senior Class T Shirt - Classic Racer cool-1c2
Classic Racer > 1c2
Senior Class T Shirt - Insanity desn-483j8
Insanity > 483j8
Senior Class T Shirt - Random Words desn 956f9
Words > 956f9
Senior Class T Shirt - Cut and Paste desn-139c9
Cut and Paste > 139c9
Senior Class T Shirt - Beach Walk clas-954g2
Beach Walk > 954g2
Senior Class T Shirt - Dang desn-289i8
Dang > 289i8
Senior Class T Shirt - Letter Block desn-247n2
Letter Block > 247n2
Senior Class T Shirt - Wish Slogan cool-146w1
Wish Slogan > 146w1
Senior Class T Shirt - Straight Outta cool-148s1
Straight Outta > 148s1
Senior Class T Shirt - B16 Deal cool-119b1
B16 Deal > 119b1
Senior Class T Shirt - Keep Calmer cool-144k1
Keep Calmer > 144k1
Senior Class T Shirt - Bleed Colors cool-8b6
Bleed Colors > 8b6
Senior Class T Shirt - Just That Good clas-860a5
Just That Good > 860a5
Senior Class T Shirt - Classic Badge desn-764d2
Classic Badge > 764d2
Senior Class T Shirt - Best Class Ever desn-733e9
Best Class Ever > 733e9
Senior Class T Shirt - Acid Wash clas-524e4
Acid Wash > 524e4

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Top 10 2016 Most Popular Senior Shirt Design Ideas

Every class that has achieved a diploma deserve to be celebrated! Our senior shirt line brings fun and sass to the graduating class of 2016. Find senior t-shirts with great graduation slogans to crank your school spirit into high gear! Here are 10 of our most popular designs:

1. Don’t Cry

We all like to think tenderly of our nostalgic high school days, but “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because it Happened” is a great reminder for rounding out a good year. Choose your school colors or make this shirt pop in a fun way with unique colors for a stand-out event.

2. Paws Off!

If your mascot is a large cat, then the paw print senior shirt will be a big hit. Let your seniors sign their names and special messages on the paw print in your school colors. Or, scan signatures and have them printed right on the paw print for a reminder of the whole class.

3. The John Hancock

If you love the idea of signatures, but don’t have a cat mascot, then this Class of ’16 shirt is a great option. Choose a bright school color for the shirt itself and let the white text with a thick black outline stand out on the back.

4. Keep Calmer

“Keep Calm and Make History” is the saying for this class of 2016 senior shirt. Remind your students they are going to make an impact of their choosing on the world as they become the next generation of leaders.

5. Class Pride

If your class is all about talking the talk and walking the walk, then this is a great senior shirt for you! “It Took 2016 Years to Get a Class This Great” will be splashed across the chest of every outgoing senior.

6. Ruling Class

Ballers, socialites, math geeks – they can all get on board with this royalty tee. Express ironically just how great the class is with “[Your School Name] Seniors RE16N Supreme” as your senior statement.

7. History in the Making

“We’ll Make H1ST6RY” is the statement that every senior class should be repeating as their mantra. Make a difference and strive for the top with this senior shirt favorite.

8. Straight Outta…

This logo is a bit last month, but isn’t that the point? Remind seniors of their high school days with a social media viral trend to be “STRAIGHT OUTTA [your location here].” And, don’t be afraid to be creative; how about “STRAIGHT OUTTA SCHOOL” or “STRAIGHT OUTTA H16H SCHOOL.” And then, add information to the back with a shirt back design from thousands of options. We smell a winner.

9. So Fresh and So Clean

“We Keep it Fresh. We Keep it Clean. Class of 2016.” What more can we say – this design just hits all the right notes and will look sharp in your school’s colors.

10. Bigger is Better

Every class is prouder than the last. “We’re Kind of a B16 DEAL!” is one of our most popular shirts this year because it hits on this note. Take pride in your class – they’ve earned it.



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2016 Year Signature Template Ideas

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Senior Class T Shirt - Signature Spin desn-639s6
Signature Spin > 639s6
Senior Class T Shirt - Class Signatures desn-547d3
Class Signatures > 547d2
Senior Class T Shirt - Digit Banner desn-150e3
Digit Banner > 150e3
Senior Class T Shirt - Rumble Sig desn-600r8
Rumble Sig  > 600r8
Senior Class T Shirt - Big Letter desn-351k4
Big Letter > 351k4
Senior Class T Shirt - Year Blast cool-10y2
Year Blast  > 10y2
Senior Class T Shirt - Status Template desn-542s7
Status Template > 542s4
Signature Stack T Shirt - Quad Year desn-23s6
Quad Year > 23s6
Senior Class T Shirt - Paw Names clas-906r4
Paw Names > 906r4
Senior Class T Shirt - Crown Collegiate desn-485c3
Crown Collegiate > 485c3
Senior Class T Shirt - Stack Up Year desn 601t1
Stack Up Year > 601t1
Senior Class T Shirt - Roman Year desn-227s5
Roman Year > 227s5


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