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Gators Back Reunion > 979g2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Gators Back Reunion - cool-979g2

Class Reunion Stars > 869c3

Class Reunion T Shirts - Class Reunion Stars - cool-869c3

Vintage Class Reunion > 484v7

Class Reunion T Shirts - Vintage Class Reunion - desn-484v7

Retro Class Reunion > 999r6

Class Reunion T Shirts - Retro Class Reunion - cool-999r6

School Class Reunion  > 487s6

Class Reunion T Shirts - School Class Reunion - desn-487s6

Westerner > 130a1

Class Reunion T Shirts - Westerner - desn-130a1

Great Class > 768h7

Class Reunion T Shirts - Great Class - desn-768h7

Viking Class Reunion > 998v2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Viking Class Reunion - cool-998v2

Classic Badge > 769e2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Classic Badge - desn-769e2

Big Deal > 124d9

Class Reunion T Shirts - Big Deal - cool-124d9

Few and Proud > 491i5

Class Reunion T Shirts - Few and Proud - desn-491i5

One of A Kind Reunion > 981o1

Class Reunion T Shirts - One of A Kind Reunion - cool-981o1

Nassau > 792p3

Class Reunion T Shirts - Nassau - clas-792p3

Class Reunion 80s > 984c1

Class Reunion T Shirts - Class Reunion 80s - cool-984c1

Foxes Homecoming > 147f2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Foxes Homecoming - cool-147f2

Harvard > 54u5

Class Reunion T Shirts - Harvard - desn-54u5

Big Letter Reunion > 982b6

Class Reunion T Shirts - Big Letter Reunion - cool-982b6

You Cant Beat the Classics > 983y1

Class Reunion T Shirts - You Cant Beat the Classics - cool-983y1

Classic Seal > 19d2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Classic Seal - cool-19d2

Vintage Class Reunion > 484n3

Class Reunion T Shirts - Vintage Class Reunion - desn-484n3

South Beach > 762u1

Class Reunion T Shirts - South Beach - clas-762u1

New Vintage > 519v5

Class Reunion T Shirts - New Vintage - desn-519v5

Vintage Seventies Reunion > 978v1

Class Reunion T Shirts - Vintage Seventies Reunion - cool-978v1

Knight Pride > 769k7

Class Reunion T Shirts - Knight Pride - desn-769k7

Shockwave > 187t2

Class Reunion T Shirts  - Shockwave - clas-187t2

Waipahu Reunion > 592w1

Class Reunion T Shirts - Waipahu Reunion - desn-592w1

Class Reunion Brand > 985c1

Class Reunion T Shirts - Class Reunion Brand - cool-985c1

Claw Outta Here > 883c2

Class Reunion T Shirts - Claw Outta Here- cool-883c2

OMG Homecoming > 90o4

Alumni T Shirts  - OMG Homecoming - idea-90o4

Spirit Retro > 304s8

Alumni T Shirts - Spirit Retro - idea-304s8

Archetype > 862d4

Alumni T Shirts - Archetype - clas-862d4

Reunion 2.0 > 609r1

Alumni T Shirts - Reunion 2.0 - idea-609r1

Celebrate your High School Class Reunion with Custom T Shirts from IZA Design (since 1987).   Whether you are celebrating your 10th, 15th, 20th, ...or 50th High School Class Reunion, IZA Design has thousands of customizeable designs to fit your needs. 




Top 16 Class Reunion Sayings and Slogans for Shirts

For some people, walking out of high school after graduation would be the last time they would see everyone they suffered for four years with. Most of the time, class reunions are just to get together to display how much of a success or failure you’ve been to others you hope also did nothing notable with their lives. That’s why you should get a design on your class reunion shirts that really help push your dominance as a class.


16. I can hardly wait to see and meticulously judge you at our high school reunion.


Your high school reunion can either be one of the greatest nights or one of the worst. One thing you can always count on is some good people watching! Which of your old friends aged the most gracefully? Alternatively, which one went the opposite direction? Who has the most kids, wives, or houses? Throw on this hilarious class reunion shirt, grab your best buddy and a beer, and judge away!

15. The awkward but inevitably pleasant non-digital walk down memory lane!


As much as popular culture makes them out to be these long, boring, and depressing events, your batch reunion is a great way to catch up with your less-than-techy classmates. This quote is perfect if you have a class that is a little more hesitant to embrace social media. Yeah, it will be awkward to put faces to names you haven’t thought of in over a decade, but it’ll lead to a great night to reminisce on the good ol’ days.

14. “A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit.” – Don Bartolovic


Nostalgia is a powerful tool to get people in a good mood. How many Facebook posts that say “Only ’90s kids will get this” do you see in a day? Just look at all the themed trivia nights that capitalize on nostalgia to get a good turnout! Have a class reunion that aims to time warp you back to the ‘80s? Use Don’s words to your advantage and make an awesome class reunion shirt!

13. “We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.” – Lynn Hall


Whenever you go to a class reunion, there are two groups of people. Those who changed and grew as a person when they got older and those who… didn’t. You know the ones. They’re usually in the bathroom, dropping M80s into the toilets while everyone else is dancing. This is a great shirt if you want to point the finger at some of your other alumni who may not have matured much past grade school.

12. “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday, and then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today, and that someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” – One Tree Hill


Even if you have grown up and lived a full life, most people will look back on their high school years with an unequaled fondness. There is something romantic about being seventeen, something that can’t be recaptured even in the highest points of your life. Your batch reunion is a perfect place to try can get lightning to strike twice, to try and return to a simpler time where everything was both easier and much more difficult at the same time.

11. “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” – Nelson Mandela


Most reunions or alumni gatherings take place in the same building that the class graduated from. Buildings can be remodeled or even added on to, but the bones remain the same. The hallways you walked are still there. The rooms you learned in haven’t changed their dimensions. Returning after a decade or two, things may feel different. The space isn’t bigger or smaller, but you have changed. This quote is perfect for those class reunion shirts where your building hasn’t gone under any renovations lately. It hits the nail on the head a little too literally!

10. Hi I can’t remember your name either


Back in the day, there was some excuse to forget someone’s name. As you grow up, meet new friends, find love, and have children, it’s understandable that you’re not going to remember everyone you come across. Even if it’s just a 10-year high school reunion, you’re going to spend most of it squinting at random people and trying to jog your own memory. Don’t feel bad about only recognizing faces because they’re going to be spending just as much time as you to try to remember who you are. It would be really awkward if you finally connect and it dawns on you that it was the person who used to shove you into lockers. If you just want to push past the barrier of awkwardness, then just wear a witty alumni shirt with a design telling them that you don’t remember their name. That’s a good way to break the ice again.

9. The Criminal, the Athlete, the Basket Case, the Princess, the Brain. Which one were you?


The Breakfast Club was a heavily romanticized version of American high schools that didn’t really even happen in America. I want to know where these high schools were because they sound like they’d be loads of fun. Imagine having such a wide range of people in your high school? Mine was just a generic blend of boring kids too scared to ask each other to dance. Though, if you’re doing a 20-year high school reunion, then you’re bound to run into one who crossed the law once or twice. Let’s just hope they were for minor misdemeanors and not a manslaughter case out on good behavior.

8. Reunited! & it feels so good!


At a 20-year high school reunion, the first thing you want to do is show off what you’ve done with your life since that awkward time you slipped in the hallway and tore your pants. You’re hoping to see the kids who laughed at you and bask in the satisfaction that they’ve amounted to very little. You need to flaunt the fact that you went and made something of yourself. You must be quick because there’s always going to be someone coming in who was an astronaut or a lawyer, so you better get “low-level accounting manager” out of the way before a more respectable profession comes along.

7. It appears someone invited a bunch of old people to my high school reunion


After a 20-year break from seeing people you used to have awkward encounters with in the hallway, you’re all coming back on the brink of a mid-life crisis. That means you’re going to be pulling up into the parking lot with brand new cars, a new haircut, and new clothes (hopefully a class reunion shirt that has a funny design like this one). Don’t think you’re going to be the only one trying this out either because there’s going to be a lot of other old people there the same age as you, the same mid-life crisis stage as you, and probably more money than you to roll in with an even nicer car. Time to bust out the gold spray paint and turn those silver fillings into something a bit pricier.

6. All it takes is 1 song to bring back 1,000 memories.


Everyone had that one song that was popular during their high school days. It was so popular that it played for every high school dance and was probably even a theme song for your class. You would hear people blast it in their cars in the parking lot and even during football games. No one got tired of that song and it was played so often that it can trigger any random memory you have of high school, even embarrassing ones. Why not let your batch reunion share notes on what they think the big song of their high school career was with this fun shirt design?

5. How do you like me now?


High school reunions aren’t just to get together with old friends, rivals, and teammates; it’s to show off what you’ve done in the past 10 or 15 years. It’s basically an entire convention of humblebraggers trying to one-up each other. Having “how do you like me now?” as the design for your shirts just to make it so you don’t have to say it out loud. Of course, you do run the risk of people actually answer that question truthfully which could lead to a very awkward evening…

4. The OLD ones are still the best. Old jeans, old boots, old friends, old songs and old times!


When you’re walking into your class reunion, you’re all going to be old. You’ve been out of the music and fashion scene for years when you traded your Limp Bizkit CDs and JNCO jeans for a suit and tie and the Frozen soundtrack. Use that nostalgia bait to your advantage with this great quote for your shirt design! After all, nu metal and oversized jeans are making a comeback! All old things are new again to Gen Z!

3. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss


You don’t know how valuable something is until it passes. There are countless songs about this all too real statement. All the memories you made and all the things you did in high school, you did for the last time. When you walked away you didn’t know that someday it would be the last time you did it. Hopefully, you left with some good memories.

2. It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be STUPID with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


When you were younger in a younger body you could afford to take a few more risks. You tried skateboarding, rollerblading, parkour, combat sports, and other risks that you could afford to take because you were young. You can still be stupid with old friends, but you might have to do something a little less physical like toilet-papering the old principal’s house even though he’s in a wheelchair now. Just make sure you don’t put the alumni year on this shirt design if you decide to break the law while wearing it. It’ll make it a bit too easy to find you.

1. Shout out to old people for graduating high school without Google.


Nowadays, kids have Google and Wikipedia for everything. You had to sift through encyclopedias in libraries for hours for information that was almost never updated. Putting a design on some class reunion shirts to show off that you were the generation that was smart enough to get through school without Google is an accomplishment itself.


Time to show off your school pride 10, 15, or 20 years down the line with a funny, self-aware alumni shirt design on your shirts that’ll make your high school reunion easier to get through. We hope, at least.

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