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Custom Self Portrait Class Shirts - Just pick a design layout & download your templates.

When your students are finished with their drawings, you can email them back when you place your order. You'll receive your shirts in 2 weeks!
Free Shipping! - Reorder at Same Price! - Great Prices (36 shirts at $9.75/shirt, 50 shirts at $8.75/shirt) - No limit on number of Faces!

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Download Template

1.  Download this pdf template  to use for all your student drawings.
2.  Use a fine tip black Sharpie for best results. If your student drawings are in pencil, then trace them with a Sharpie and then erase the pencil marks.
3.  To submit, please scan all the completed templates and send by e-mail to iza@izadesign.com You can send before or after you have submitted your order.
4.  We'll e-mail you a final proof for your approval before printing.

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