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Marching Band T-Shirt Designs - 44 NEW Design ideas

Since 1987,  IZA Design has been designing and printing custom marching band shirts for schools.  Check out our 44 NEW shirt designs below and click to customize.  All designs can be customized to fit your band colors, slogans, and or mascot.  If you have your own band logo or just have an idea, then an artist will help create your design at no additional cost.  

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Random Words 2 > 303t4

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Random Words 2 - idea-303t4

Groovy > 559h4

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Groovy - clas-559h4

Sixties Vintage > 769v1

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Sixties Vintage - clas-769v1

Band Lights > 639b1

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Band Lights - idea-639b1

Few and Proud  > 491g3

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Few and Proud - desn-491g3

All Star Leader > 351n8

Marching Band Shirt Designs - All Star Leader - desn-351n8

Band Traditions > 25b1

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Band Traditions - cool-25b1

Ring-O-Fire > 111s6

Marching Band Shirt Designs - Ring-O-Fire - clas-111s6

Mascot Phys Ed > 829r2

Band T Shirt Designs - Mascot Phys Ed - clas-829r2

Keep Calm > 613n1

Band T Shirt Designs - Keep Calm - desn-613n1

Our Mark > 740o3

Band T Shirt Designs - Our Mark - desn-740o3

Statement > 787y1

Band T Shirt Designs - Statement - clas-787y1

Dang > 289e1

Band T Shirt Designs - Dang - desn-289e1

Happy Singers > 127h4

Band T-Shirt Designs - Happy Singers - desn-127h4

Stars Fun Day > 466s2

Band T-shirt Designs - Stars Fun Day - desn-466s2

Nostalgic Class > 577n3

BandT-Shirt Designs - Nostalgic Class - idea-577n3

Randomizer > 301s2

T Shirt Designs for Band - Randomizer - desn-301s2

Team Logo > 979t6

T Shirt Designs for Band - Team Logo - clas-979t6

Message > 770n9

T Shirt Designs for Band - Message - clas-770n9

Band Show > 745b1

T Shirt Designs for Band - Band Show - desn-745b1

Big Letter 2 > 626b9

T Shirt Designs for Band - Big Letter 2 - idea-626b9

Music is my therapy > 907m2

T Shirt Designs for Band - Music is my Therapy - desn-907m2

Feel the Noise > 906f4

T Shirt Designs for Band - Feel the Noise - desn-906f4

Prescript > 888q1

T Shirt Designs for Band - Prescript - clas-888q1

Rockin > 801r9

Marching Band T Shirt Designs - Rockin - clas-801r9

Star Laurel> 643s2

Marching Band T Shirt Designs - Star Laurel - desn-643s2

Master Class > 633m5

Marching Band T Shirt Designs - Master Class - desn-633m5

Dance Beat > 313d2

Marching Band T Shirt Design - Dance Beat - desn-3136d2

Varsity Arch > 352v2

Marching Band T Shirt Designs - Varsity Arch - desn-352v2

Nassau > 792n9

Marching Band T Shirt Designs - Nassau - clas-792n9

Musica > 131m3

Marching Band T-Shirt Designs - Nassau - clas-792n9

Retreat Emblem > 859s3

Marching Band T-Shirt Designs - Orbit - clas-711o9

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Sweet Skills > 681h9

School Band T Shirts - Sweet Skills - clas-680s7

Got Legacy > 3g2

School Band T Shirts - Got Legacy - cool-3g2

Heater> 729h2

School Band T Shirts - Heater - clas-729h2

Sunset Souncs > 660s8

School Band T Shirts - Sunset Sounds - clas-660s8

Sweet Skills > 680s7

Marching Band Shirts - Sweet Skills- clas-680s7

Sound Wave > 128s2

Marching Band Shirts - Sound Wave- desn-128s2

Shockwave > 729h2

Marching Band Shirts - Shockwave - clas-187s4

Brass Society > 814b1

Marching Band Shirts - Brass Society - clas-814b1

Crescendo > 813c3

Marching Band Show Shirts - Crescendo - desn-813c3

Brass Arms > 477b6

Marching Band Show Shirts - Brass Arms - clas-477b6

Message > 770m5

Marching Band Show Shirts - Message - clas-770m5

En Masse > 657e2

Marching Band Show Shirts - En Masse - clas-657e2

Top 14 Marching Band Shirt Designs

Being a band kid is probably the best thing to be in high school. Think about it. You are an important part of every home football game. You know how to play an instrument which is quite hard to do. You get to play music to all of your friends and family and people clap for you. You also have incredible posture. How great is that?! Why not celebrate your superiority with one of these awesome school band t-shirts?


Here’s a list of the top 14 marching band t-shirt designs available at IZAdesign.com. Don’t forget! All of our designs are customizable. We can change the colors, words, and logos to fit your school!

14.  Make some noise!

Let’s start with a throwback design. The half-moon design in the background hearkens back to the 1970s. The font is incredibly stylized, with thick tops and bottoms to put it firmly in a bygone era. However, these would be great shirts for high school bands that are doing some classic rock for their halftime show. They’re ready to make some noise with this design!

13.  I'm with the Band!

Stake your claim in the band with this pep band inspired t-shirt! It’s a simplistic design that tells everyone where you belong. Imagine a sea of green shirts at your next basketball game, all of them proudly announcing who they are with. The words look like they are spray painted on with a stencil, like on a footlocker. It is a fun and simple design that would fit well with any school.

12.  Feel the noise!  See the poise!

Look, I’m a brass man, okay? Trombones are one of the greatest instruments of all time. It’s a slide whistle for grown ups! Trumpets? Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Any marching band player knows the joy (?) of standing up for hours with your heavy instrument, back upright, neck straight. But the poise is worth it when you see that brass flashing on the field! This is a pretty classic sport design with the school year in the middle.

11.  Can you here us NOW?

It’s appropriate that this design has a middle school band as part of the template because, boy howdy, they have two modes: Loud and Way Too Loud. Part of the learning process is volume modulation and middle school is usually where you learn how to do that. Thankfully, when you are in pep or marching band, you need to be loud! You have to drown out the hundreds of cheering fans so the players can hear your support. So, can you hear us now? Heck yeah you can! Your school’s name is blasting out from the center of this shirt, almost as if it’s in the middle of an explosion. It’s a pretty cool design for any middle school marching band..


10.  When words fail.  Music speaks

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is something people say quite often. However, if a picture is worth a thousand, music is worth a million words. Words can make you feel a certain way, but music can make those feelings a hundred times more powerful. Music and musicians are some of the best arbiters of meaning, so let your high school band t-shirts show that off. The design itself puts your band on center stage letting everyone know who can provide the meaning when others can not speak

9.  Music is our life

Passion is important to music. Being passionate about what you create makes creating stuff easier and better. You can tell when a musician really loves what they do because their work is better. If music is truly your band’s life, it will make everything go a lot smoother. The design is also pretty great! The lines look like a heart rate monitor while also looking like volume bars. The colors would look great when reflecting your high school band’s colors!

8.  Feel the music

The primary function of a band is to make music. The secondary function of a band is to make people dance. They want you to really feel the music, feel the groove. Marching bands and pep bands are there to pump the audience up for the game! This shirt design shows the music blasting from the horn: sharps, flats, quarter notes, half notes, all sorts of stuff! It’s a great, simple design that would be perfect for any school music t-shirt.

7.  Is it half time yet?

This was a common sentiment in most high schools. Half time is what football was made for! It’s a time to grab a snack, hit the head, and, most importantly, watch the killer half time show the band has cooked up. Show your school who the true stars of the Friday night lights are with this excellent t-shirt design! Your school name is at the top and the background could be either your mascot or the first letter of the animal mascot.

6.  Keep calm and play on

This is a fun take on a classic design. The “Keep Calm” design originated from England during World War II and was a popular meme in the early 2010s. It’s a basic, but effective, design that can be adapted to fit any situation. It’s also a great message, especially for aspiring musicians! You have to keep it together while you play or your rhythm will be off or you’ll be more prone to mistakes. Remind your marching band or music classes to keep calm with this t-shirt design!

5.  Separated by section, united in harmony

Harmony is a great word. It has two great meanings in this context. In music, harmony is something that is achieved by having two sounds mix together in a pleasant way. It also means being connected and happy as one group. Although your band may be separated by different sections, they are all working together in harmony to create a harmonious sound for all to enjoy. It’s a great school band t-shirt design for any school level.

4.  Admit it...We help you get your groove on

Your band has to have a singular goal in mind. That goal? Get everyone excited. A touchdown? Blast out that celebratory music! A bad call? Sad tuba sounds will get a laugh. A break in the action? Play some music to get everyone to groove their worries away. Some of the more athletically inclined will be afraid to admit it, but the band is the real reason people are excited at football games. Use this band design to shove that fact in their faces!

3.  Divided by section. Untied in harmony

Each section of the band is important to the whole. Without the woodwinds, you wouldn’t have high melodies. The brass provides the deeper undertones. The percussion has the driving force behind the rest of the band. They all need to work together to make a great song. This is a different take on the other design from before. It’s more serious than the other one. This is a great design for those who have a more power oriented mascot or want to have a more aggressive design for their band t-shirts.

2.  Life without music would b (flat)

Alright, music nerds, here’s your inside baseball music pun t-shirt design. For those not in the know, the symbol next to the “B” is not a lowercase version of the same letter. No, it’s a flat symbol, something that is used when a note needs to be played flat instead of sharp or normal. Of course, this design speaks the truth. Can you even imagine a world without music? It would be boring, lifeless, two dimensional. Remind everyone else that your band or choir provides a pivotal service to their life with this excellent music t-shirt design.

1.  One Band. One Sound

Rounding out the list is an excellent design with an important message. Music can be played solo, but it’s much richer with a whole band. Everything must be played together as one for it to create the perfect music. Along with the “One Band, One Sound” being literally tied together, it is surrounded by other words that are important for a band to have. Respect for each other as musicians, responsibility to make sure you are playing your part correctly, helping each other out as a team. And, most importantly, having fun. That’s what high school band is all about. Playing music and having fun! Let your band shirt design reflect that truth.


Those are just a selection of our high school marching band and pep band designs. There are tons of great designs available on IZAdesigns.com! All of our shirts are customizable in order to reflect your school in the best way. Mascots, colors, logos, we can do it all!


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