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Retro Quality 2 > 255s1

8th Grade Shirts - Retro Quality 2 - idea-255s1

Groovin Eight > 385g1

8th Grade Shirts - Groovin Eight - idea-385g1

8th Graders Stencil Logo > 382g1

8th Grade Shirts - 8th Graders Stencil Logo - idea-382g1

Eighth Grade Flames > 394e1

8th Grade Shirts - Eighth Grade Flames - idea-394e1

Got Legacy  > 3h4

8th Grade Shirts - Got Legacy - cool-3h4

Funky Letters > 386f1

8th Grade Shirts - Funky Letters - idea-386f1

Sixties Vintage > 769x4

8th Grade Shirts - Sixties Vintage - clas-769x4

Theyre Grrr8 > 389t1

8th Grade Shirts - Theyre Grrr8 - idea-389t1

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Commandment > 125c3

8th Grade Shirts - Commandment - cool-125c3

Acid Wash > 524g3

8th Grade Shirts - Acid Wash - clas-524g3

Best Class Ever > 733i6

8th Grade Shirts - Best Class Ever - desn-733i6

Classic 8th Grade > 388c1

8th Grade Shirts - Classic 8th Grade - idea-388c1

We Made History > 366w2

8th Grade Shirts - We Made History - idea-366w2

8th Graders Bolt > 392g1

8th Grade Shirts - 8th Graders Bolt - idea-392g1

The Retro Look > 387t1

8th Grade Shirts - The Retro Look - idea-387t1

Grade 8 is Great > 391g1

8th Grade Shirts - Grade 8 is Great - idea-391g1

Archetype > 862c8

8th Grade Shirts - Archetype - clas-862c8

Insanity > 483m3

8th Grade Shirts -Insanity - desn-483m3

Criss Cross Slogan > 153y6

8th Grade Shirts - Criss Cross Slogan - desn-153y6

Dang > 289m1

8th Grade Shirts - Dang - desn-289m1

Since 1987, IZA Design has been providing middle & intermediate schools nationwide with their 8th Grade Shirts.   

All our Original designs can be customized with your school or class colors, text, and mascot. 

You can start by selecting one of our 52 design templates and specify your design changes.

An IZA Design artist will update your design with your changes. We'll e-mail you a design preview for your approval.

In addition, we can add your class roster / signatures to the back of the shirts (see our signature template designs).  

We'll make this easy!   

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Destroyed > 34k4

8th Grade Shirts - Destroyed - desn-34k4

Rockin > 801r6

8th Grade Shirts - Rockin - clas-801r6

Retro BE Slogan > 289r2

8th Grade Shirts - Retro BE Slogan - idea-289r2

Athletic > 480s6

8th Grade Shirts - Athletic - clas-480s6

Retro Script > 534b4

8th Grade Shirts - Retro Script - clas-534b4

You Will Succeed > 859b3

8th Grade Shirts - You Will Succeed - clas-859b3

Grafitti Logo > 383g1

8th Grade Shirts - Grafitti Logo - idea-383g1

Life Slogans > 634p5

8th Grade Shirts - Life Slogans - desn-634p5

Retro Grade > 217r4

8th Grade Shirts - Retro Grade - cool-217r4

Words > 956h7

8th Grade Shirts - Words - clas-956h7

The Palms > 659h7

8th Grade Shirts - The Palms - clas-659h7

Grade Eight is Great > 390g1

8th Grade Shirts - Grade Eight is Great - idea-390g1

Just That Good 2 > 992j8

8th Grade Shirts - Just That Good 2 - desn-992j8

Classic Racer > 1c8

8th Grade Shirts - Classic Racer - cool-1c8

Classic Fade > 723d9

8th Grade Shirts - Classic Fade - desn-723d9

Criss Cross Slogan > 153y5

8th Grade Shirts - Criss Cross Slogan - desn-153y5

Beach Walk Slogan > 954n6

8th Grade Shirts - Beach Walk Slogan - clas-954n6

Super Seniors > 322v1

8th Grade Shirts - Super Seniors - clas-322v1

Mascot Fashion > 590q2

8th Grade Shirts - Mascot Fashion - clas-590q2

Random Words > 268m7

8th Grade Shirts - Random Words - desn-268m7

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8th Grade Class of 2025 and 2021 Signature Template Design Ideas

Add your class names and numbers to the back of your shirts using on of these cool templates!.


Signature Letters > 534s7

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Signature Letters - desn-534s7

Stack Up Year > 601u2

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Stack Up Year - desn-601u2

Paw Names > 906t4

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Paw Names - desn-647c8

Year Blast > 10z2

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Year Blast - cool-10z2

Grunge Year > 957g4

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Grunge Year - cool-957g4

Block Year > 449w7

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Block Year - clas-449w7

Brave Year > 647c8

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Brave Year - desn-647c8

Big College Year > 312b4

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Big College Year - idea-312b4

Grad Signatures > 535g7

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Grad Signatures - desn-535g7

Old Jersey > 448w4

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Old Jersey - clas-448w4

Class Signatures > 547f9

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Class Signatures - desn-547f9

Eighth Grade Signatures > 393e1

8th Grade Shirts Ideas - Eighth Grade Signatures - idea-393e1

Top 16 Most Popular 8th Grade Shirt Design Ideas for 2021!

In the midst of this pandemic, many places have closed down from businesses, governments, and, especially schools. Elementary, Middle, and High School are formative times for children and, unfortunately, they are missing out on learning and growing with their friends. Kids are missing those big moments: prom, finals, graduation. Of course, it is very difficult for Seniors. It’s their last year before they head off to college and away from their friends.

But, what about Eighth Graders? They have spent three or four years with these same people. They’re the top dogs at the school. The last few months of Middle School are crucial to help them transition easily into High School. Although students are not going to get that this year, the graduating class of 2021 will (hopefully).

The best way to get them excited for the new school year? Class t-shirts tailored specifically for your school. Here are the 16 Best 8th Grade T-shirt Designs and Ideas for 2021!


16. We Will Be Known Forever By the Tracks We Leave

The Class of 2021 will be a very important class going forward. It is the first class post-COVID, the first class to feature predominantly blended learning, and, most importantly, the first class to really make masks fashionable. Not only will they remember their time at school, the world will be watching them with great interest. So, why not get a shirt to commemorate them! This design is also perfect for schools that have a big cat mascot or other large animal.

15. We’re Not Stuck Up

The Class of 2021 has really had a wild ride. In 2020 alone, they witnessed: the almost start of WWIII, Australia catching fire, the US government confirming the existence of UFOs, a Pandemic. All that and it is only Summer! So, even if they are a bit stuck up, they deserve it. They have seen it all. And they were good enough to survive it. This design is very simple and would look great on any color.

14. Paradise Grads

The summer between 8th grade and 9th grade is probably one of the most important in a kid’s life. They are preparing to enter a whole different world, full of new people and new experiences. They deserve a bit of a vacation before that happens. Remind them to spend some of the summer relaxing before heading off to a new school with this really fun t-shirt design. Another, less graceful reading of the design would be that Middle School was paradise compared to what is ahead, but let’s just pretend that is not true.

13. Remember Yesterday

Eighth grade is a really formative year for kids. It is a year of transitions in many different ways. This shirt design has a great quote that everyone should take heed of, not just the kids! Students need to remember that today is fleeting and you should always live in the moment. It has a really cool stripe design that will really highlight your school colors.

12. We Made History!

Your students are making history, alright. Not only are they making history now, they are going to make history in the future. So they definitely need something to inspire them to work hard and change the world. This is a really cool design. Your kids will absolutely love the grungy, heavy look of this.

11. Grade Eight is Great

Taking a little break from the heady, heavy quote shirts, this is a great, simple idea. If you have a really understated class of 8th graders, this exemplifies them perfectly. Not only that, but it is really customizable. With such a simple design, you can really have fun with logos and mascots.

10. The Ones to Remember

As teachers, you surely have students that you never forget. Usually, they are not remembered for the good things they do. But, this year’s 8th grade class will definitely be remembered for what they have to do. They are going to experience so many changes in education that it will be hard to forget. The design of this shirt is really strong, another great shirt for a powerful animal mascot.

9. Groovin’ Eighth Graders

Designs come and go as often as the seasons. Most do not stand the test of time. But, those that do, always come back in style. This year, retro is in. If your class is into design, this would be perfect.This groovy design is great for fundraisers as it will remind your parents of the simpler days of Middle School.

8. Movin’ On Up!

Admit it, you sang it too. They are not going to a deluxe apartment in the sky, however, they are heading to high school. It’s a really fun, poppy design that really shows how big of a deal this transition is.

7. We’re About to Stun, We’re the 8th Graders of 2021

2021 rhymes with a lot of simple words. Run, fun, done, etc. Show the uniqueness of your class by going with an offbeat rhyme like stun. This is a simple, font based design that can be customized  to really make it your own. Another great design that almost pops off the shirt!

6. Some Have a Story. We Have a Legacy.

Eighth Grade is a time for your students to pass the torch on to the next year’s class. It’s a time to remind them that they have some pretty big shoes to fill. A majority of those Seventh Graders looked up to the older kids. Time for them to step up to the plate. This action packed design is perfect for the high energy Eighth Grade class.

5. They’re Grrr8!

Hey, teachers! We like the things you do! Now it’s time to show your appreciation for the Eight Graders. This cereal based design is so fun and instantly recognizable. Plus you get the awesome 8 pun which is always a benefit. If your mascot is a tiger, this really is a no-brainer.

4. 8th Graders Rock!

Do sick licks and powerful chords describe your Eighth Grade class? Well, this is the shirt for you! The slogan may be simple, but the design is intricate and fun. This is great to help emphasize how cool your students are and how much you thought they rocked. So, throw up the horns and get this rad shirt.

3. Be Proud of the Past

Another great quote that applies to all stages of life. The things that you have done in the past, even if they didn’t turn out right, should make you proud. All of those made you who you are today, prepared you to be ready for the now. Of course, no one can predict the future, so you just have to buckle down and get excited! This design has a lot of fun fonts and is another very customizable shirt.

2. Started from the Bottom

You can finally say you have something in common with Drake. Both of you have made it to the top of your field (granted they are two VERY different things, but still). Using this quote will definitely strike a chord with your students. It’s relatable, current, and something from their world that you can apply to them.

1. Life is Better When You Are an 8th Grader

This one is more for the adults out there. You all know this to be so true. Eighth Grade was the life. The biggest thing you had to worry about was climbing the rope or studying for a test. You didn’t have bills or a job. Just time with your friends and education. As Rivers Cuomo of Weezer once said “Take me back to the good life.” Anyway, the design of this logo is fantastic. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it really pops. It also has a kind of 1950’s vibe to it which you don’t see very often.

There you have it! These are the sixteen best designs that are currently available. Did not see your school’s mascot? No problem! All shirt designs can be tailored to fit your school’s needs. Mascots, colors, names, anything can be customized to your specifications. Teachers, Administrators, Aides, anyone will look great in a school shirt. They are perfect for bringing a sense of unity during these extremely uncertain times. If COVID-19 ends up closing schools again, this shirt will always serve as a reminder for your class.


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3/4 sleeve baseball raglan t by Sport-Tek



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