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Most Popular:  Gildan Midweight Hoodie - #18500 

Gildan Midweight Hoodie - #18500

Crewneck Sweatshirts

Most Popular:  Gildan Midweight Crewneck - #18000 

Gildan Midweight Crewneck - #18000

Zip up Hoodies

Most Popular:  Jerzees Zip up Hoodie - #993

Jerzees Zip-up Hoodie - #993

Youth Hoodies

Most Popular:  Gildan Youth Midweight Hoodie - #18500B

Gildan Youth Midweight Hoodie - #18500B

Ladies Sweatshirts

Most Popular:  Alternative Ladies Hoodie - #aa9573

Alternative Ladies Hoodie - #aa9573

Quarter Zips

Most Popular:  Sport-Tek Quarter Zip Hoodie - #ST253

Sport-Tek Quarter Zip Hoodie - #ST253

Tie Dye Hoodies

Most Popular:  PC Tie-Dye Hoodie - #pc146 

PC Tie-Dye Hoodie - #pc146

Performance Sweatshirts

Most Popular:  Sport-Tek Performance Hoodie - #f244

Sport-Tek Performance Hoodie - #f244

Since 1987, IZA Design has been providing schools with their custom school sweatshirts and hoodies.

To make your selection easier we're showing you our most popular styles based on quality, color options, size range, and value (price).

Whether you are an elementary school looking to pump up your Spirit, or want the best looking Class sweatshirts for your 5th or 6th grade graduates, we can help you.

The same goes for middle school sweathirts, we have a large selection of designs for your Student Council, Club, and 8th Grade Sweatshirts.

And of course if you are in high school, then we've got you covered!  See our large selection of design ideas for your Senior and Junior Class, Spirit, Pink Out, Clubs, and Team Sports Sweatshirts.

Bottom line:

We can help you customize any design ( including your own ) to look great on your chosen sweathirt style.  

You'll love your printed or embroidered sweatshirts

We offer FREE shipping and a QUICK 2 week delivery.

Let us know if you have any questions ... we're here to help!


View elementary school design ideas:

Splat Letters > 84s4

School Sweatshirts - Splat Letters - cool-84s4

My Pride > 927m5

School Sweatshirts - My Pride - desn-927m5

Beach Walk Slogan > 954m4

School Sweatshirts - Beach Walk Slogan - clas-954m4

Spirit Tracker > 449s1

School Sweatshirts - Spirit Tracker - cool-449s1

Commandment > 125c9

School Sweatshirts - Commandment - cool-125c9

Big Letter > 351g3

School Sweatshirts - Big Letter - desn-351g3

Spirit Choice > 788s4

School Sweatshirts - Spirit Choice - desn-788s4

One Spirit > 738o1

School Sweatshirts - One Spirit - cool-738o1

Just That Good > 860e9

School Sweatshirts - Just That Good - clas-860e9

World People > 421w1

School Sweatshirts - World People - cool-421w1

Athletic > 480o4

School Sweatshirts - Athletic - clas-480o4

Paw 2 > 216p8

School Sweatshirts - Paw 2 - desn-216p8

Musica > 131m9

School Sweatshirt - Musica - desn-131m9

Confusion > 570g5

School Sweatshirts - Confusion - clas-570g5

Paw World > 217p3

School Sweatshirts - Paw World - desn-217p3

Tiger Words > 728t2

School Sweatshirts - Tiger Words - cool-728t2

Yes, there's more.

View middle school design ideas:

Athletic Arch > 729c9

School Sweatshirts - Athletic Arch - clas-729c9

Wear A Helmet > 255w1

School Sweatshirts - Wear A Helmet - cool-255w1

Team Identity > 468t1

School Sweatshirts - Team Identity - cool-468t1

Believe There is Good > 307b3

School Sweatshirts - Believe There is Good - cool-307b3

Volley Checker Ball > 211v1

School Sweatshirts - Volley Checker Ball - idea-211v1

Funky Stars > 382h2

School Sweatshirts - Funky Stars - clas-382h2

Ball Park > 693g5

School Sweatshirts - Ball Park - clas-693g5

Ones to Remember > 218p1

School Sweatshirts - Ones to Remember - cool-218p1

Harvard > 54o3

School Sweatshirts - Harvard - desn-54o3

Panther Cheer Spirit > 244p1

School Sweatshirts - Panther Cheer Spirit - idea-244p1

Punk Collage > 925v2

School Sweatshirts - Punk Collage - clas-925v2

Spirit Wave > 741s2

School Sweatshirts - Spirit Wave - cool-741s2

Welcome Collegiate > 41w1

School Sweatshirts - Welcome Collegiate - idea-41w1

Nassau > 792z6

School Sweatshirts - Nassau - clas-729z6

Responsible Mascot > 635r1

School Sweatshirts - Responsible Mascot - desn-635r1

Classy Class > 726f5

School Sweatshirts - Classy Class - desn-726f5

View high school design ideas:

Click to view ALL our design categories:

Claw Tear >108j1

School Sweatshirts - Claw Tear - desn-108j1

Senior Retro Quality > 431s1

School Sweatshirts - Senior Retro Quality - logo-431s1

Big Letter > 351u2

School Sweatshirts - Big Letter - desn-351u2

Football Mascot Stripe > 49f1

School Sweatshirts - Football Mascot Stripe - idea-49f1

Pink Out Game > 719p1

School Sweatshirts - Pink Out Game - cool-719p1

Pack the Track > 568p1

School Sweatshirts - Pack the Track - cool-568p1

Senior Friends > 312s2

School Sweatshirts - Senior Friends - cool-312s2

Prescript > 11p2

School Sweatshirts - Prescript - desn-11p2

HOSA Flames > 204h1

School Sweatshirts - HOSA Flames - idea-204h1

Pro Block Basketball > 814p1

School Sweatshirts - Pro Block Basketball - cool-841p1

Football Varsity Arch > 44f1

School Sweatshirts - Football Varsity Arch - idea-44f1

Athletic > 480e6

School Sweatshirts - Athletic - clas-480e6

Span > 525s3

School Sweatshirts - Span - clas-525s3

Academic Mascot > 575a5

School Sweatshirts - Academic Mascot - desn-575a5

Academic Mascot > 575b3

School Sweatshirts - Academic Mascot - desn-575b3

Nassau > 792s8

School Sweatshirts - Nassau - clas-729s8


5 Helpful Tips when ordering school sweatshirts


1.  Your smallest hoodie will determine your design size.

Youth hooded sweatshirts have a smaller area (around 7” vertical) to imprint a design as compared to adult hooded sweatshirts (around 9” vertical).

If you have a large range of youth and adult sizes, then your design may look small as you go up in size (see example). 

Your smallest hoodie will determine your design size

So what can be done? It would be best to select a horizontal formatted design (like a rectangle).

A horizontal design would be 11” x 7” as compare to a square design at 7” x 7”.

You would have 3” more design on the horizontal (see example).

Optimal design size on youth and adult hoodie


2.  Not all colors are created equal…when talking about youth and adult sweatshirt colors.

If you are having a spirit fundraiser and have decided on selling both youth and adult sweatshirts in the same color(s), then you might be surprised (when placing your order) to find that the youth sweatshirt color is not available.

As a rule of thumb, most youth sweatshirt styles have fewer colors than their adult counterparts. We recommend selecting a color from the youth color charts, then there will always be a matching color in the adult styles.


3.  Zip-up sweatshirts cuts your design in half.

A small design can be printed on either the front left or right of the sweatshirt (not across the zipper).

So if you are planning on having a full-size design, then it would be better to put the design on the back of all the sweatshirts (zip-ups, hoodies, and crewnecks).

You can even add a small design on the front if that fits in your budget. You can contact us with any questions.


4.  Sweatshirt name personalization limitations.

Adding your name or title on the back and or sleeves are a great option to further personalize your sweatshirts. Here are some design layouts and fonts (see example).


Sweatshirt name personalization fonts and layouts


So what are the limitations? There is a 12-18 character limit (spaces count) depending on the characters used (‘W’ is larger than an ‘L’) and the sweatshirt size and location (sleeve or back).

In addition, there are certain character symbols such as ‘@’, ‘&’, ‘emojis’, ‘hearts’, and ‘thumbs up’ that are either too detailed or not available in the font style . You can send us your names list and we’ll review it. 


5.  Tie-Dye sweatshirts ...keep it simple!

Tie-dye sweatshirts are a great option for your summer camp, club, or staff. There are so many color options (see example).


Tie-dye sweatshirt colors

So what kind of design looks best printed on Tie-Dye? A simple text based or bold design looks best since it not competing visually against the already ‘busy’ background.

The design can be in 1 or 2 colors (White and Black or White and Navy).

Simple design ideas on tie-dye backgound

Hopefully these 5 tips can help you in organizing your school sweatshirt order. Please contact us if you have any questions. 



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