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Classic Mascot Club > 182c1

Track and Field T-Shirts - Classic Mascot Club - idea-182c1

Oval Sport Logo > 191o1

Track and Field T-Shirts -Oval Sport Logo - idea-19101

Track and Field Emblem > 171t1

Track and Field T-shirts - Track and Field Emblem - idea-171t1

Rise Up > 184r1

Track and Field T-shirts - Rise Up - idea-184r1

Nassau  > 792d4

Track and Field T-shirts - Nassau - clas-792d4

Wings Insignia > 174w1

Track and Field T-shirts - Wings Insignia - idea-174w1

Track Markings Logo > 175t1

Track and Field T-shirts - Track Markings Logo - idea-175t1

No Limits Track > 173n1

Track and Field T-shirts - No Limits Track - idea-173n1

Collegiate Wings > 178c1

Track and Field T-shirts - Collegiate Wings - idea-178c1

Retro Track Style > 177r1

Track and Field T-shirts - Retro Track Style - idea-177r1

Track State Qualifier > 176t2

Track and Field T-shirts -Track State Qualifier - idea-176t2

College Track Arch > 193c1

Track and Field T-shirts - College Track Arch - idea-193c1

Eight Track > 180e1

Track Team Shirts - Eight Track - idea-180e1

Capital Sport > 825c5

Track Team Shirts - Capital Sport - cool-825c5

Jersey Banner > 823o4

Track Team Shirts - Jersey Banner - clas-823o4

Radiating > 37r7

Track Team Shirts - Radiating - desn-37r1

Life in the Fastlane > 187l1

Track Team Shirts - Life in the Fastlane - idea-187l1

Victory Track > 190v1

Track Team Shirts - Victory Track - idea-190v1

New Vintage > 519q2

Track Team Shirts - New Vintage - desn-519q2

Just That Good > 860v2

Track Team Shirts - Just That Good - clas-860v2

All Star Leader > 376a6

Track Team Shirts - All Star Leader - desn-327a6

Track Oval Emblem > 179t1

Track Team Shirts - Track Oval Emblem - idea-179t1

All Around > 518c8

Track Team Shirts - All Around - clas-518c8

State Track Oval > 186s2

Track Team Shirts - State Track Oval - idea-186s2

Track Flight Emblem > 172t1

Track and Field Shirt Designs - Track Flight Emblem - idea-172t1

Track Swirl > 185t1

Track and Field Shirt Designs - Track Swirl - idea-185t1

Sport Seal > 337s1

Track and Field Shirt Designs - Sport Seal - desn-337s1

Sportique > 336s1

Track and Field Shirt Designs - Sportique - desn-336s1

Kappa Crest > 937k5

Track Shirt Ideas - Kappa Crest - clas-937k5

Classic Letter > 343d6

Track Shirt Ideas - Classic Leader - desn-343d6

Just That Good 2 > 992j2

Track Shirt Ideas - Just That Good 2 - desn-992j2

Classic Track > 646c1

Track Shirt Ideas - Classic Track - idea-646c1

State Track Meet > 194s1

Track Shirt Ideas - State Track Meet - idea-194s1

New Vintage > 519v7

Track Shirt Ideas - New Vintage - desn-519v7

Old School Track > 341o1

Track Shirt Ideas - Old School Track - desn-341o1

Super State > 815s5

Track Shirt Ideas - Super State - cool-815s5

Sunset Sounds > 660t5

Track Team Shirts - Sunset Sounds - clas-660t5

Vintage > 460z6

Track Team Shirts - Vintage - clas-460z6

Practice Jersey > 554p5

Track Team Shirts - Practice Jersey - clas-554p5

I Heart > 148h3

Track Team Shirts - I Heart - desn-148h3

Track Intensity > 181t1

Track Shirts - Track Intensity - idea-181t1

Lectra > 51l3

Track Shirts - Lectra - desn-51l3

Pacific Edge > 273p7

Track Shirts - Pacific Edge - desn-273p7

Track Legacy > 647t1

Track Shirts - Track Legacy - idea-647t1

Retro Mascot Script> 183r1

Track Shirts - Retro Macsot Stripe - idea-183r1

Cirularis > 125c6

Track Shirts - Circularis - desn-125c6

Track Athletics > 340t6

Track Shirts - Track Athletics - desn-340t6

Retro Script > 534b2

Track Shirts - Retro Script - clas-534b2

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Track and Field Team Sweatshirts

Retro Swim and Dive > 156r1

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Star Tech - desn-290t7

Stencil Sport > 275s4

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Stencil Sport - desn-275s4

Athletic Letters > 264a8

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Athletic Letters - desn-264a8

Monterey Classic > 213m2

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Monterey Classic - desn-213m2

Track Logo > 188t1

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Track Logo - idea-188t1

Track Script > 189t1

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Track Script - idea-189t1

Classic Fade > 723d3

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Classic Fade - desn-723d3

Track Ready > 223t1

Track and Field Sweatshirts - Track Ready - cool-223t1

Simple Text > 212b6

Track and Field Hoodie Designs - Simple Text - desn-212b6

Track Spirit > 339t1

Track and Field Hoodie Designs - Track Spirit - desn-339t1

Mascot Track and Field > 192m1

Track and Field Hoodie Designs - Mascot Track and Field - idea-192m1

Retro Track > 645r1

Track and Field Hoodie Designs - Retro Track - idea-645r1

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Top 16 Track and Field Shirt Designs (2024)

Sports are great ways to develop skills and not just physical skills. Soft skills such as planning, coordinating with teammates, time management, thinking on the fly, and so much more are getting stronger with each game you play. These are skills that would last a lifetime. However, there is only one sport that develops the most important skill a person needs: running away from some sort of monster.

Track and Field gives you all the skills you need to defeat your enemies. Running and jumping are obvious ones, but what about javelin throwing? The shot put? Hurdles! If you are running through the woods away from some sort of bigfoot creature, you’re going to have to jump over logs. Let’s say you have a key that will seal away all of the baddies in the world and the only way to get it to the destination is to pass it off to your friend before being mauled by the Loch Ness Monster. Good thing you all did the relay race in high school.

All joking aside, track and field are sports that get pushed to the side when people think of high school sports. It’s just as important as all the others! So show your school what the best sport around is with these awesome track and field shirts from IZA designs! Every design is customizable and can be changed to fit your school logo, colors, slogan, whatever!

16. Rise Up

track and field shirts idea 16

This Rise Up design is perfect to show your school what you’re all about. Track and field are all about feet. Running, jumping, everything revolves around your feet rising above the rest. It has a cool sunburst design in the background along with gradient lettering, emulating the rising sun which is when you usually have time to practice. The winged foot in the middle is emblematic of how fast you and your team can rise.

15. Strength – Dedication – Pride - Heart

track and field shirts idea 15

This oval design is perfect for any article of clothing. It’s compact but really sticks out! When people look closer, they see what your team is all about: strength in body and character; dedication to the sport and themselves; pride in their fellow teammates; and heart, the thing that pumps the blood through their body and the team.

14. No Limits

track t shirt designs 14

One thing about track and field that makes people wary about joining is the practice. It’s usually early in the morning and, man, they really go for it. However, those on the team don’t seem to care. They love the feeling of working hard and pushing past the self-imposed limit. The sky's the only limit they have. The design of this shirt is understated, but it’s pretty cool. The change in case between “No” and “Limits” has a fun dynamic to it. Even the fonts have no limits!

13. Train Like a Champion

track t shirt designs 13

Practice makes perfect and that is even more true for runners. It takes a long time to become a proficient runner. To become a champion, you have to work hard. You have to leave it all out on the track. This track and field tshirt design shows off what it takes to be a champion. There’s a winged foot running in front of the setting sun. Lots of hard work, lots of payoff. This design has a really fun retro vibe to it that makes it a timeless classic.

12. I Love Track & Field

track and field shirt sayings 12

I mean, do you really need anything else? This is a great tshirt design for a fundraiser or to sell to supporters. It’s simple, classic, and shows support for the team. Since it doesn’t have any specifics on it, non-team members can be supportive of the sport with a simple message.

11. No Excuses

track and field shirt sayings 11

This collegiate tshirt design is rather classy. If your team made state, it’s a reason to celebrate. It’s also a time to show how your track and field team is a cut above the rest. You don’t want to have some goofy design for this milestone. You want something that is more professional, a little regal. This design is an excellent way to show that.

10. Our Sport is Your Sports Punishment

state track shirt designs 10

What a great quote. How many times have you heard “Take a lap” in a football movie used as a punishment? Literally every one of them has a line like that. Let’s be honest, not everyone likes to run. It takes a special person to do this sport. And, yeah, it may make you a little better than those other players. Now it’s time to rub it in with this track and field t shirt design!

9. I Bleed Track & Field

state track shirt designs 9

This simple but effective design will show people how dedicated your team is to the sport. Track and field is a sport where you will fall down. A lot. Especially starting off. Through all the cuts and scrapes, you bled for your team. This track and field hoodie and tshirt design can be customized to fit your school colors!

8. Medals Last Longer Than Pain

state track shirt designs 8

When you have sore legs after running your fastest mile time ever, you just have to remember that it is a temporary pain. Put some ice on it (or heat, I don’t know, I’m a writer, not a doctor) and wait it out. Now, the medal you get from winning? That will last forever. The lines of text are askew, almost like how you feel after a long run. You sway back and forth with the text, but end up right where you should be: With your team.

7. Your Only Limit is You

state track shirt designs 7

Breaking limits is something that we all strive to do. However, there isn’t any other sport that has more limits to break than track and field. Each race is different, each throw can go wrong in a million different ways, each hurdle could trip you up. Even the little person on the shirt looks like they’re stumbling. The only thing that is keeping you from breaking through is yourself. This cool track and field design is a great reminder to everyone around you. Keep working as hard as you can and break those limits.

6. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

track and field shirt designs 6

We all make excuses. “My tummy hurts”, “I didn’t sleep well last night”, “I worked out already”. Go ahead and make those excuses. It’s fine. All you have to do is push past them. Break through. This track and field design is really cool. It’s vibrant and colorful. The lettering pops out, basically screaming at you to listen.

5. Keep Calm and Run Track

track and field shirt designs 5

Another classic design. It’s simple and recognizable. This design would look great in any of your school colors and would fit well on any piece of clothing. Pants, hoodies, shirts, anything could fit this slogan on it. It’s also highly customizable in color and adding your school logo to it.

4. What is it called when practice is easy? IMAGINATION

cool track shirt designs 4

Patrick Star wouldn’t be caught dead at a track and field practice. It’s way too hard for him. This funny track and field tshirt will bring out the kid in all of your teammates. It also speaks a very important truth. Practice is hard and it needs to be hard to push those limits. Want to have an easy one? Keep dreaming!

3. Be Fast or Be Last

cool track shirt designs 3

In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”. In most track events, speed is of the utmost importance. If you aren’t fast, you will quickly be overtaken. So, remind your school how fast you all are with this cool track and field tshirt. The font for “BE” look pixelated and remind me of traffic lights. Almost like a runner waiting at the crosswalk for the light to turn green.

2. Don’t Quit

track and field team shirts 2

Look, at the end of the day, if you plan on quitting because practicing is too hard, you aren’t going to make it. The best way to get better? Don’t quit! Also, if you look closely, there’s a hidden message in this design! No, it isn’t “N’tqu”, it’s “Do it,” another great lesson from this shirt.

1. Practice Like A Champion

track and field team shirts 1

Champions don’t just appear out of nowhere. They work hard to make it. They practice every day to become the best. When they are finally able to take that crown, they accept it with dignity and grace. This tshirt design is simple, but packs a powerful message. You work hard to be a champion? You better act like it.


These are just 16 of our favorite track and field designs, but there are tons of them on IZAdesigns to choose from! All of the designs are customizable for your school. Everything from fonts to colors, logos to clothing types, the world is your oyster!



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5 most popular spirit garment styles

Here are 5 of our most popular shirt styles.

5 most popular spirt shirt styles



Classic T-Shirt by Gildan

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Favorite Hoodie by Gildan

This 'Go-to' comfy hoodie is a must as part of your spirit apparel program.

Favorite Hoodie by Gildan



3/4 Sleeve Baseball Raglan T by Sport-Tek

Not just for baseball.  The sleeves in this style comes in many team colors.  Great choice for your team spirit!

3/4 sleeve baseball raglan t by Sport-Tek



Super Soft T by Bella Canvas

Everyone likes SOFT shirts.  This style comes in many colors and will look great with your printed design. 

Super Soft T by Bella Canvas



Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan

Same heavyweight material as our Classic T plus you can add your team or club name down the sleeve.

Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan




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