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Desire Basketball > 810d1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Desire Basketball - cool-810d1

Classic Arch > 689c3

Basketball T Shirt Design - Classic Arch - cool-689c3

Desire Discipline Dedication > 137d1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Desire Discipline Dedication  - idea-137d1

Champion Logo > 142c1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Champion Logo - idea-142c1

Basketball Capital  > 140b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Capital - idea-140b1

Retro Basketball > 801r1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Retro Basketball - cool-801r1

Athletic Emblem > 145a2

Basketball T Shirt Design - Athletic Emblem - idea-145a2

Elite Ball > 144e1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Elite Ball - idea-144e1

Built With Trust Slogan > 138b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Built With Trust Slogan - idea-138b1

Practice Like A Champion Logo > 135p1

Basketball T Shirt Design -  Practice Like A Champion Logo - idea-135p1

Basketball Pride > 793b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Pride - cool-793b1

Collegiate Ball > 143c2

Basketball T Shirt Design - Collegiate Ball - idea-143c2

Court Classic > 809c2

Basketball T Shirt Design - Court Classic - cool-809c2

Retreat Emblem > 859r8

Basketball T Shirt Design - Retreat Emblem - desn-859r8

Vintage Hoops Logo > 808v1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Vintage Hoops Logo - cool-808v1

Retro Basketball > 796r1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Retro Basketball - cool-796r1

Super State > 815s1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Super State - cool-815s1

State Tourney Champs > 786s1

Basketball T Shirt Design - State Tourney Champs - cool-786s1

Pro Block Basketball > 814p1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Pro Block Basketball - cool-814p1

Mascot Bball Camp > 668m3

Basketball T Shirt Design - Mascot Bball Camp - cool-668m3

School Basketball > 812s1

Basketball T Shirt Design - School Basketball - cool-812s1

Hoops Central > 811h1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Hoops Central - cool-811h1

Basketball Arch > 806b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Arch - cool-806b1

Basketball Strike > 799b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Strike - cool-799b1

Collegiate Heater > 353i4

Basketball T Shirt Design - Collegiate Heater - desn-353i4

All Star Player > 794a1

Basketball T Shirt Design - All Star Player - cool-794a1

Basketball Youth League > 141b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Youth League - idea-141b1

4 Star > 340u9

Basketball T Shirt Design - 4 Star - clas-340u9

Aloha Athletics > 831e5

Basketball T Shirt Design - Aloha Athletics - clas-831e5

Basketball Words Ball > 136b1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Basketball Words Ball - idea-136b1

Bball Camp Horizon > 655b8

Basketball T Shirt Design - Bball Camp Horizon - cool-655b8

Net Bound > 139n1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Net Bound - idea-139n1

Huge State Basketball > 807h1

Basketball T Shirt Design - Huge State Basketball - cool-807h1

Super Ball Camp > 677s2

Basketball T Shirt Design - Super Ball Camp - cool-677s2

State Ball Splatter > 787s1

Basketball T Shirt Design - State Ball Splatter - cool-787s1

State Playoffs Net > 805s1

Basketball T Shirt Design - State Playoffs Net - cool-805s1

Basketball Team Shirt Designs by IZA Design. Since 1987, IZA has printed shirts for teams nationwide. Check out our 48 NEW Team and Roster Designs. All designs can be customized to fit your team colors, slogans, and or mascot. If you have your own team logo or just have an idea, then an artist will help create your design at no additional cost. Call us at 888-492-8337 to get started.

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Basketball Roster Shirt Designs

State Champion Roster > 797s1

Basketball Roster Template - State Champion Roster - cool-797s1

Jersey Roster > 789j1

Basketball Roster Template - Jersey Roster - cool-789j1

Basketball Signatures > 790b1

Basketball Roster Template - Basketball Signatures - cool-790b1

Funky Roster > 795f1

Basketball Roster Template - Funky Roster - cool-795f1

Bball 3D Roster > 783b1

Basketball Roster Template - Bball 3D Roster - cool-783b1

Team Circle Net > 813t1

Basketball Roster Template - Team Circle Net - cool-813t1

Playoffs Roster > 792p1

Basketball Roster Template - Playoff Roster - cool-792p1

Roster Ball > 788r1

Basketball Roster Template - Roster Ball - cool-788r1

Fight On Roster > 798f1

Basketball Roster Template - Fight On Roster - cool-798f1

State Roster > 558s3

Basketball Roster Template - State Roster - desn-558s3

Big State Roster > 803b1

Basketball Roster Template - Big State Roster - cool-803b1

Splatter Roster > 791s1

Basketball Roster Template - Splatter Roster - cool-791s1

Top 15 Most Popular Basketball Shirt Designs 

It’s time to show off your basketball pride and what better way to do so than a shirt design logo that shows you were part of something bigger than yourself. You were part of a team on an organized sport that many people love. Some might think it’s just bringing a ball from one side of the court to the other while bouncing it around and putting it into a net, but there’s more to it than that. You’re part of a team. There are many others who didn’t make the team. There are many who wish they were in your shoes. So many who won’t be able to wear the same pride that you can on your shirt. You need to make sure you pick one that shows you were part of something and no one can take that away from you.

15.  Basketball Words Ball

What cooler way to decorate a Basketball than by making a basketball made out of words. The words on the Basketball aren’t just any words. They’re the words that exemplify the school you played for and the year you played it. It might look a little confusing at first if looking at this just from a distance, but it’s a great icebreaker when you want to show off your school’s basketball pride.

14.  Classic Hoop

When you’re picking designs for your shirt for basketball, you don’t have to go out and go all fancy with your design. Sometimes you just want good old traditional classic basketball design. There’s nothing wrong with that. This design merely names your school, the year you played, and words on either side of the ball.

13.  Athletic Arch

The athletic arch is also a common basketball shirt design, but it’s one to use if you’re not really looking for anything flashy. Proudly show off the mascot on the basketball as the name of your team arches overhead. It’s something you see on the chests of many winning teams, so you’re guaranteed to turn a few heads if you walk around with this shirt design on. The text for your team can be seen from miles away, so don’t be surprised if you hear your school’s cheer from a distant fan.

12.  Practice Like A Champion

If you want to be a champion, then you need to practice like a champion. The only way to become a champion is to do what champions do. Champions don’t just sit around all day wishing they were champions. They get up every single day and fight through the pain. You need to have a shirt design to remind you of what your team needs to do if you want to walk away as champions. You’ll notice that the word “Act” in “Practice” is highlighted in the basketball. It’s another reminder that you need to act like a champion. Your school name isn’t prominently shown like in other shirt designs, but that’s okay because you’re champions.

11.  Roster Ball

With the roster ball shirt design, you might have to get up close to others in order for them to read your shirt. However, it’s a great shirt design if you want to show off everyone who helped your school’s team get to where it needed to be that year. The ball contains the team’s names and their numbers. Depending on the season you had that year, it’s either a slate of names to be proud of or names you’d like to forget.

10.  Retro Basketball

Everyone is trying to go modern or even futuristic with their shirt designs, but if you want to be a little different, then it might be time to go backwards towards a retro look. This retro basketball shirt design offers a color palette you’ve only seen in movies that were made when your parents were kids. If you and your team want to be different than everyone else, then try going with this retro basketball shirt design.

9.  Classic Arch

The classic arch shirt design is as traditional as they come. It features a basketball with the name of your team arched over it. It might not be the flashiest design out there, but not everyone needs to be flashy. You and your team would rather keep the flashiness on the court.

8.  Team Circle Net

The team circle net shirt design is one of the cooler designs you could use. It features a circle in the center as a net with the names of all your teammates around the net. The name of your basketball team sits prominently on the net. That’s kind of a cool image if you think about it. It’s like looking down from the net to see your teammates around it. You can’t get any more unique than this.

7.  Super State

Super state design offers a basketball (no surprise here) with your high school at the top and the year you played for the team at the bottom. The word state is filled with a stripe design that looks like digital game design. It’s pretty cool if you want to have something different than other schools. This would look especially cool on a colored sweatshirt. It might stand out on a brightly colored shirt or sweatshirt and really make your point that you’ve gone to state.

6.  State Tourney Champs

State Tourney Champs design has something for everyone If you had a team that argued whether they wanted a basketball or a hoop. It has both a basketball and a hoop on the design. The hoop even has the word state and the year that you played. For good measure, the year is also put above the basketball along with the name of the tournament that you played in. This looks like a cool design that would be used by the NBA, so be sure to use this if you’re looking for something professional.

5.  Huge State Basketball

Have your state adorned atop a giant basketball. This is the perfect shirt design if you’ve gone to state and want to show off the fact that you were one of the few schools that could even get to state. Some schools never make it to state in any sport let alone basketball. They couldn’t even make it to state with their school’s tap-dancing team. There are hundreds if not thousands of schools in a single state depending on the size of your state. Imagine how good you would need to be just to be able to make it to your state’s tournament at all? Getting to a state tournament alone is an accomplishment in itself so you might as well show it off, even if you didn’t win.

4.  Bball Camp Horizon

Bball Camp Horizon is a cool shirt design that makes your basketball look like it’s rising like the sun over the name of your team. Unlike the other designs, it’s a cool purple theme that’s a bit futuristic and looks a little more in line with what you would see on some kind of National Basketball League expansion team. It’s not a bad design if you’re looking for something that doesn’t list team members and just shows off your team pride with a bright and modern design.

3.  Desire Discipline Dedication

Desire, Discipline, Dedication are the three things you need if you wish to succeed in the world of basketball. You can’t just go onto the basketball court and expect to be handed a participation trophy. Unfortunately, a lot of schools do that nowadays and it makes people think they’re winners when they’ve done absolutely nothing but just stand there and do their best. Doing their best isn’t enough. You need to have the drive to win. This design sports the team name on top of a basketball, but it gives the three words you need to hear to get your team going.

2.  Signature Ball

The signature ball design is a pretty cool design for your team if you want to have memories of your victories alongside your team with their signatures. Your team is featured at the top of the basketball while the basketball itself is adorned with the signatures of everyone that you stood side-by-side with during the year. This is cool if you really want to remember everyone that you played with. As the years go on, sometimes the people you play with drift apart, but the signatures will always remain.

1.  Built With Trust Slogan

“Built with trust, lead with confidence, play with heart,” is the quote that you’d like to have on your shirt. This one is a little different because it doesn’t have a basketball or a hoop on it, but it still has the team name or school name at the bottom because it still needs to be there. If you don’t have that, then it’s just wearing a shirt with a quote on it.


Having any of these designs on your shirt, whether you’re a winner or loser, is something you’ll remember forever. Pick something you can hang on the wall someday to talk about with your kids. They might make fun of you behind your back for reminiscing on your glory days, but it’s something you’ll always have, so make sure you choose the right one.


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