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Tri-Lane Swimming > 920t1

Swim Team Shirt - Tri-Lane Swimming - idea-920t1

We Ar the Future > 493x1

Swim Team Shirt - We Are The Future - desn-493x1

Varsity Goggles > 922v3

Swim Team Shirt -Varsity Goggles - cool-922v3

Wave Pool > 461y39

Swim Team Shirt - Wave Pool - clas-461y3

Championship Swim  > 933c2

Swim Team Shirt - Championship Swim - cool-933c2

New Vintage > 519t3

Swim Team Shirt - New Vintage - desn-519t3

Tribal Swim > 934t1

Swim Team Shirt - Tribal Swim - cool-934t1

Collegiate Swimming > 778c2

Swim Team Shirt - Collegiate Swimming - cool-778c2

American Swim and Dive > 932a1

Swim Team Shirt - American Swim and Dive - cool-932a1

Certified > 355e1

Swim Team Shirt -  Certified - desn-355e1

No Excuses Emblem > 430n5

Swim Team Shirt No Excuses Emblem - cool-430n5

Harvard > 54r2

Swim Team Shirt - Harvard- desn-54r2

Capital Sport > 825c3

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Capital Sport - cool-825c3

Dominant Stroke > 930d1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Dominant Stroke - cool-930d1

Swimming Stripes > 921s1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swimming Stripes - cool-921s1

Swim Team Classic > 923s4

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swim Team Classic - cool-923s4

Varsity Wave > 928v1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Varsity Wave - cool-928v1

Swimming Crest > 926s1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swimming Crest - cool-926s1

Shockwave > 187t1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas -Shockwave - clas-187t1

Super State > 815s3

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Super State - cool-815s3

Water Tribe > 276w5

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Water Tribe - desn-276w5

Banner State Swimming > 935b2

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Banner State Swimming - cool-935b2

Breaker > 126e1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Breaker - clas-126e1

All American Swimming > 929a3

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - All American Swimming - cool-929a3

Water Medallion > 109w8

swim team shirt designs - Water Medallion - desn-109w8

Speedway > 495v8

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Speedway - desn-495v8

Aloha Athletics > 831e9

swim team shirt designs - Aloha Athletics - clas-831e9

Collegiate Lane Stripe > 925c1

swim team shirt designs - Collegiate Lane Stripe - cool-925c1

New Vintage > 519t2

swim team shirt designs - New Vintage - desn-519t2

Royal Swim Logo > 924r1

swim team shirt designs - Royal Swim Logo - cool-924r1

Jersey Banner > 823l2

swim team shirt designs - Jersey Banner - clas-823l2

Swimmers Do More > 931s1

swim team shirt designs - Swimmers Do More - cool-931s1

Sunset Swim Team > 146s1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Sunset Swim Team - idea-146s1

Chlorine Slogan > 147c1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Chlorine Slogan - idea-147c1

Wave Stream > 155w1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Wave Stream - idea-155w1

Fueled By Chlorine > 148f1

Swiming T-Shirt Designs - Fueled By Chlorine - idea-148f1

Aquatic Circle> 160a1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Aquatic Circle - idea-160a1

State Flag > 241s4

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - State Flag - cool-241s4

Vintage Collegiate > 164v2

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Vintage Collegiate - idea-164v2

Swim Puzzle > 161s1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Swim Puzle - idea-161s1

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Retro Swim and Dive > 156r1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Retro Swim and Dive - idea-156r1

Star Tech > 290t6

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Star Tech - desn-290t6

Wave Team > 166w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Wave Team - idea-166w1

Swimming Mark > 157s1

Senior Class Signature Template - Rumble Sig - desn-600s7

Letter Wave Logo > 154l1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Letter Wave Logo - idea-154l1

A-Team Collegiate > 149a1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - A-Team Collegiate - idea-149a1

Water Swim Logo > 163w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Water Swim Logo - idea-163w1

State Swim Team > 162s1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - State Swim Team - idea-162s1

Capital Swim Team > 159c1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Capital Swim Team - idea-159c1

Official Swim and Dive > 158o1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Official Swim and Dive - idea-158o1

Splash Team > 165s1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Splash Team - idea-165s1

Water Wave Emblem > 167w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Water Wave Emblem - idea-167w1

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Top 15 Swim Team Shirt Designs (2024)

Being on the swim team is low-key one of the coolest teams to be on. Think about it. You get to hang out in the pool with your pals getting absolutely shredded in order to break your own record. Plus, you get to wear those cool caps and goggles. What’s not to love? In a stroke of good luck, we are here to make sure you all get to show off your awesome crew with these cool swim team tshirt designs! Each design is fully customizable. The colors can be changed to match your school and all the logos and fonts can be edited to fit your school’s style. Now, without further ado, here’s our 15 favorite swim team shirts!

15.  Tri-Lane Swimming

Starting off with a more basic design, this design shows off what you’re all about: swimming (shocker). When people think of a high school swim team, this is what they imagine. There is a vector graphic of a swimmer showing excellent form surrounded by a triangle of swim lanes. The alternating colors of the swim lanes can be customized to your school colors! The font here is a throwback to the 1970s with big, bulky letters. It’s a cool swim team shirt design that will appeal to many different ages.

14.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Winning

This is a pretty awesome design, it almost gives me butterflies in my stomach! It’s a play on the Thomas Jefferson quote but, instead of happiness, your team is after the gold! The American flag in the back works really well with the quote, considering its origin. On top of that, you can put your state’s outline over the top of the flag. This would be a great design if you needed some state swim team tshirts!

13.  Wave Pool

Sometimes, simple is best. This is a rectangle with a few wavy lines, almost like the waves of the seas. Your school’s initials, the year, and the word “swimming” complete the look. This design would look great on any of our hoodies, sweatshirts, or tshirts. This would look especially good on a polo (wait, wrong sport…).

12.  Fearless - Committed - Strong

Your team is always diving headfirst into the competition, so why not get a shirt that reflects that? When you really think about it, you have to be exceptionally brave to be on the dive team. You have to be able to climb up high and literally jump headfirst into the water below. That sounds like a legitimate nightmare for most people. Just like the dive team shirt says: Fearless, committed, strong. All three are necessary to being a champion diver.

11.  Veni, Natavi, Vici. (We Came, We Swam, We Conquered)

This is a truly radical design. Another play on a famous quote, this comes from the one and only Julius Caesar. Originally “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered,” this swim team shirt design changes it slightly. Natavi, meaning “I swam”, replaces vidi, making this a very specific historical reference. The background also has a laurel crown, something that Roman emperors would wear to signify victory. They’re also used in the Olympics for the victors. Crown your team as the conquerors!

10.  No Excuses

“It’s too cold. My arms hurt. I just ate and now have to wait 30 minutes before getting into the pool.” Your team has probably heard it all. But they know the only response from the coach will be “No excuses, get in the dang pool.” This cool tshirt design looks like a stamp right across the chest. The text and logo are faded a bit, showing that you put your team (and shirts) through the wringer. The image is a pair of swim goggles, but it can be replaced with a logo of your choice.

9.  Tribal Swim

You know how championship teams will sometimes get a tattoo together to symbolize the hard work and camaraderie they shared together? Well, since you’re all in high school, that’s probably not the best idea. Instead, get this tattoo-like design on your swim team tshirts! The team name is sandwiched between two tribal flames, a very popular tattoo choice. The flames are dual colored so you can easily customize these to match your school colors.

8.  Varsity Goggles (can personalize with your team signatures)

Have a lot of Seniors on your team? This very unique shirt would be a great way to send them off in style! The background is a varsity letter, similar to what would go on their letterman jacket, but your entire team and coaching staff can sign it… And you don’t even need a pen! You can collect your team’s signatures using the website www.signature-collect.comand we can print them directly on the design! How cool is that!

7.  Swim Words

Swimming is a very complicated sport. There are tons of different strokes to remember and each one works a different part of the body. It’s hard work to be a good swimmer! This swim team tshirt design has a bunch of words that describe your team and what they do.

6.  It's Go Time!

Oh dang, that swimmer is going so fast, the water is on fire! Well, maybe not THAT fast since it goes against the basic laws of physics, but your swimmers are pretty darn close to that fast. Have your team show off their incredible skills with this cool tshirt design. When they’re in the water, they know it’s go time!

5.  Building a Tradition.  One Stroke at a Time

This design features a very detailed swimmer under your team’s name. This would be a good shirt for a newer club trying to build membership. With a high quality design like this, it would be sure to turn a few heads! The quote along with it shows that your team is in it for the long haul. You’re not just playing around in the pool, you’re building a long lasting team that will blow the others out of the water!

4.  Fueled By Chlorine

DISCLAIMER: IZADesigns does not condone or encourage drinking chlorine. Seriously, do not drink this stuff… But, a little bit of pool water in the nose or mouth never really hurt anyone! With how much time your team spends in the pool, that chlorine smell is the scent that your team needs to get pumped up for the big meet. Their chlorine laced blood pumps through their veins at the start of each race! This tongue and cheek design is a fun way to remind everyone that your team knows how to joke around and have fun, even when competing.

3.  Retro Swimming Stripes

Here’s another cool swim team tshirt design, this one is a throwback to the 70s and 80s. The big, Impact-like font at the top with the script right below it just screams retro! The spot in the center would be a great place to put your school mascot to really make it your own. The three bars on each side are good representations of swim lanes in your pool.

2.  Classic Collegiate Lane

This classic design is sure to be a hit with your whole school. It’s a collegiate style font that is immediately recognizable as being related to the school. The line in the center is another reference to the swim lanes. Along with that, your logo can go right in the center of your chest, over your heart. Which, of course, belongs to your favorite team.

1.  Success Trains. Failure Complains

This final design takes the cake for the quote and the design. The quote is a great reminder to your team that their attitude is what determines their outcome. If you are a complainer, you aren’t going to be as successful as your other teammates. They’re focused on the goal: being able to stand at the edge of the pool as the victor. The design in the center is a swimmer bursting out of the water during a butterfly stroke. However, if you look closely, it looks like an eagle taking off, wings beating, cutting through the air like a knife. Not only can your swimmers succeed in the water, but, with the confidence and strength they earned on the team, they can soar to new heights.

As always, these are all customizable with your team logo, mascot, colors, whatever! Everything, including the fonts, can be changed to really make these shirts yours. You can make swim team hoodies, swim team tshirts, and even swim team sweatshirts with your custom design on it. There are tons of other designs available for you at izadesigns.com!



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5 most popular spirit garment styles

Here are 5 of our most popular shirt styles.

5 most popular spirt shirt styles



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Gildan classic T-shirt



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Favorite Hoodie by Gildan



3/4 Sleeve Baseball Raglan T by Sport-Tek

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3/4 sleeve baseball raglan t by Sport-Tek



Super Soft T by Bella Canvas

Everyone likes SOFT shirts.  This style comes in many colors and will look great with your printed design. 

Super Soft T by Bella Canvas



Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan

Same heavyweight material as our Classic T plus you can add your team or club name down the sleeve.

Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan




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