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Pro Tail > 630p5

Baseball Shirt Design - Pro Tail - clas-630p5

Swirl > 12s6

Baseball Shirt Design - Swirl - lead-12s6

College Authority > 579c5

Baseball Shirt Design - College Authority - desn-579c5

Line Drive Sport > 614l1

Baseball Shirt Design - Line Drive Sport - desn-614l1

A-League  > 618d8

Baseball Shirt Design - A-League - desn-618d8

Banner Sport > 611b1

Baseball Shirt Design - Banner Sport - desn-611b1

Baseball Logo > 608c8

Baseball Shirt Design - Baseball Logo - desn-608c8

Sport Stripe > 609s2

Baseball Shirt Design - Sport Stripe - desn-609s2

Click on a design template to customize  

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Plate Logo > 301p3

Baseball Shirt Design - Plate Logo - idea-301p3

Crest League > 870c6

Baseball Shirt Design - Crest League - cool-876c6

Baseball Classic Practice > 308b1

Baseball Shirt Design - Baseball Classic Practice - idea-308b1

State Tournament Day > 900s3

Baseball Shirt Design - State Tournament Day - cool-900s3

All Star > 580b5

Baseball Shirt Design - All Star - clas-580b5

Speedway > 495s5

Baseball Shirt Design - Speedway - desn-495s5

Athletica > 521a8

Baseball Shirt Design - Athletica - desn-521a8

Base Emblem > 620b1

Baseball Shirt Design - Base Emblem - desn-620b1

Original Team > 307o4

Baseball Shirt Design - Original Team - idea-307o4

Aloha Athletics > 831g1

Baseball Shirt Design - Aloha Athletics - clas-831g1

Retro Script > 534w7

Baseball Shirt Design - Retro Script - clas-534w7

Heater > 729g1

Baseball Shirt Design - Heater - clas-729g1

Since 1987,  IZA Design has been providing baseball teams with their custom team shirts.  

Select one or our T-Shirt design templates (56 on this page) and specify your design changes. 

An IZA Design artist will update your design with your changes. What can be changed or added? 

All text, logo, mascot, and colors.  In addition, we can add your player roster on the back of the shirts (see our roster designs).  

We'll make this easy!   


Retro Ball > 619r5

Baseball Shirt Ideas - Retro Ball - desn-619r5

Baseball Line > 606b1

Baseball Shirt Ideas - Baseball Line - desn-606b1

Certified > 355d9

Baseball Shirt Ideas - Certified - desn-355d9

State Plate > 309s2

Baseball Shirt Ideas - State Plate - idea-309s2

Emblematic > 462e5

Baseball Shirt Ideas - Emblematic - clas-462e5

Field Sport > 607f1

Basebal Shirt Ideas - Field Sport - desn-607f1

New Vintage > 519u2

Baseball Shirt Ideas - New Vintage - desn-519u2

League Hit > 617l1

Baseball Shirt Ideas - League Hit - desn-617l1

Baseball Club > 612b9

Baseball Team Shirts - Baseball Club - desn-612b9

Baseball Classic > 625b3

Baseball Team Shirts - Baseball Classic - desn-625b3

Retro Ball > 619r3

Baeball Team Shirts - Retro Ball - desn-619r3

Academic Mascot > 575c3

Baseball Team Shirts - Academic Mascot - desn-575c3

League Oval > 622l2

Baseball Shirt Design - League Oval - desn-622l2

College Mascot > 794c2

Baseball Team Shirts - College Mascot - desn-794c2

Pro Baseball Logo > 302p1

Baseball Team Shirts - Pro Baseball Logo - idea-302p1

College Arms > 605c1

Baseball Team Shirts - College Arms - desn-605c1

Baseball U > 604b1

Custom Baseball Shirts - Baeball U - desn-604b1

New Vintage > 519u3

Custom Baseball Shirts - New Vintage - desn-519u3

Baseball Club > 612b6

Custom Baseball Shirts - Baseball Club - desn-612b6

College Standard > 583c7

Baseball Team Shirts - College Standard - desn-583c7

Segment Baseball > 622s1

Baseball Shirt Designs - Segment Baseball - idea-622s1

Athletic Arch > 728e8

Baseball Shirt Designs - Athletic Arch - clas-728e8

Practice Like A Champion Logo > 135p2

Baseball Shirt Designs - Practice Like a Champion Logo - idea-135p2

Retro Baseball > 621r1

Baseball Shirt Designs - Retro Baseball - idea-621r1

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Baseball Roster Design Ideas

Add your team player names and numbers to the back of your shirts.  Check out these templates!


Ball Name Roster > 904b2

Baseball Roster Designs - Ball Name Roster - cool-904b2

Baseball Lineup > 627b1

Baseball Roster Designs - Baseball Lineup - desn-627b1

Curve Roster > 905c3

Baseball Roster Designs - Curve Roster - cool-905c3

Plate Names > 631p7

Baseball Roster Designs - Plate Names - desn-631p7

Players List > 629q5

Baseball Roster Designs - Players LIst - desn-629q5

Tradition Names > 630t4

Baseball Roster Designs - Tradition Names - desn-630t4

Victory Roster > 628v2

Baseball Roster Designs - Victory Roster - desn-628v2

State Baseball Lineup > 310s4

Baseball Roster Designs - State Baseball Lineup - idea-310s4

Stripe Roster > 903s3

Baseball Roster Designs - Stripe Roster - cool-903s3

Southern List > 632s3

Baseball Roster Designs - Southern List - desn-632s3

Star Roster > 884v6

Baseball Roster Designs - Star Roster - desn-884v6

Roster Block > 882s7

Baseball Roster Designs - Roster Block - desn-882s7

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Top 15 Baseball Shirt Designs

Summertime is finally here and that means one thing: It’s baseball season, baby! The crack of the bat, the roar of the fans, the hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jack, and, in the Major Leagues, dollar beer night. We all love to go out and support our favorite team with our voices and dollars, but there are other ways to show your support. Team t-shirts are a great way to show support for your team and display what makes your team unique. Need help finding a great t-shirt logo design? The top 15 popular baseball shirt designs are a great place to start!

15.  Segment Baseball

This two-tone logo really highlights two of the most important parts of the team: Your team colors and your school. The impact style font in the back gets in your face, yelling out that your school is number one while the script style in the foreground shows how classy you all will be in victory. This is also great for schools that have four words in their names as it has a symmetrical design while keeping it very simple.

14.  Distressed Classic

No, despite the name being spot on, this isn’t what I will look like when I’m over 75. It is a great baseball team shirt design that puts your team name front and center. The distressing of the logo and words makes it look like a vintage shirt while still giving it a modern twist. Putting your school’s mascot or logo in the center will make this shirt really pop.

13.  Classic Emblem

Now this is a classic look. It hearkens back to a simpler time in baseball, before every team was sponsored by a bank or massive corporation. It strips the t-shirt design down to the basic necessities. You’ve got the team name in the center, the year right below, and the hometown all around it. All of this over the only thing that matters in the game: A big baseball. What’s not to love?

12.  Classic Emblem

Another classic baseball team design. Something about a script font in the center of the shirt just screams “Baseball”, don’t you think? Well, this one includes a phrase at the bottom that is applicable not only in baseball, but in all sports. “Unity in Adversity”. This quote shows the dedication and sportsmanship that a baseball team requires in order to win. They work together to beat the other team. Even a star player needs people to support them!

11.  State Baseball Logo

It all came down to the final pitch. Your team is one out away from making it to State. A wind-up, the cut of the bat through the air, and the smack of a ball in a glove. They made it! Your kids are moving on to the next level! What better way to show your support (and maybe raise a little fun money for the trip) than to get this state baseball logo shirt for your team and supporters.

10.  Retro Baseball Arch Letters

Sometimes you just have to keep a baseball shirt idea simple, right? What do you need to brag about? You know you have the best team in the league. No need to go overboard on a team shirt. You don’t have time to get a complicated shirt ready, there is practice to be done! In all seriousness, this is a great design for those who value simplicity and baseball.

9.  All-Star

Remember in that last one where I said that you just need to keep it simple because you’re the best? Well, throw out that idea because sometimes you just need to show it out loud and clear! You have an all-star team, so why not get them this all-star baseball shirt design? Capital letters spell out your team name and the phrase “Ya Gotta Believe,” something that you may have to say to yourself after a slump.

8.  Retro Baseball Stripe

Mullets are back in style and so are these fun, poppy designs! The 3-D lettering looks like it jumped right off of a 1990’s young adult book and onto your shirt. This isn’t a bad thing. This aesthetic never dies! This is a simple, nostalgic t-shirt design idea, especially since a lot of 90s kids are now having teenagers of their own. These shirts would be a great fundraiser or giveaway for a 90s themed night at the diamond!

7.  Signature Plate

Okay, this is really awesome. Your team becomes something of a family. You practice for hours together in the hot summer sun. You celebrate your wins and mourn your losses together. Being with them feels like a home away from home. This baseball team t-shirt gathers all of your team’s signatures and puts them on home plate. How do we gather the signatures? Just send this link (signature-collect) to your team and IZA Design will do the rest!

6.  Team Roster

While it’s not explicitly a State baseball t-shirt design, this is a great way to memorialize a team that made it all the way. The design uses the stitching of the baseball to frame your players’ names and jersey number. Your team name will be the roof and floor to keep them all center stage on this shirt.

5.  Baseball Spirit

Baseball has a lot of passionate fans. I think “passionate” might not be a strong enough word to describe some fans, but it’s what I will use here. The most passionate among us may even believe that their blood is not actually blood, no no. It’s actually a liquid that changes color depending on their team’s colors and it comes from distilled excitement and love for a single baseball team. Obviously, that is not true, but it looks great on a team t-shirt. Show your passion for your team, but try not to bleed everywhere. Unless your team color is red, then go wild (please don’t).

4.  Baseball Signature Logo

Another design that utilizes the team signatures to really personalize a baseball team t-shirt. This design features a baseball with your team logo in the center with your school’s name over the top and bottom. The wavy lines on the sides give it the impression of speed which is pretty cool. Getting signatures for your shirt is a breeze using IZA Design’s signature collection portal at this link (signature-collect). Get them something they actually helped design with their own signature!

3.  Property of

These kinds of shirts are so cool. I’ve always loved this design. It’s simple but instantly recognizable as a “tough sports person” shirt design. Weight lifting and hard training immediately come to mind when I see this design which your team surely has done a lot of this season. All that hard work is for the team. Help them remember why they are working so hard to be a champion with this t-shirt design.

2.  Practice Like a Champion

In the era of shows like Ted Lasso, we have started to see more of what it means to be a champion. Sure, you could be on the winning team, but being a champion isn’t just about skill and hard work. It’s about your demeanor, your character. It’s more about who you are off the field than what you are on it. A baseball team t-shirt like this is a great way to remind your players that winning isn’t everything, practice makes better, and that the way you act is more important than what you do during a game.

1.  Classic Baseball Script

The ultimate classic baseball t-shirt design. The swoosh coming off of the last letter of the word is the only swoosh that matters to me. Something about this design is just so quintessentially baseball. One look at it and you know what it’s for without having to read any of the words. This design is as classically baseball as the seventh inning stretch or catchy organ tunes. Dress your team up in a classic and order these shirts!

This is just a sampling of the designs IZA offers to clients. Every design is completely customizable. Fonts, colors, logos, you name it, we can change it. Head on over to IZA Design’s website to see what your new shirts will look like!


Top 29 Sayings, Slogans, and Quotes for Your Team Practice Shirts

Batter up! Baseball season is upon us. What a great time of year. The smell of popcorn. The metallic thwack of a solid hit. Children in the outfield staring at butterflies instead of paying attention to the game... Maybe that last one is only applicable to Little League.

Baseball really is America’s pastime. As the snow melts and the grass becomes greener, thousands of coaches are gathering their teams and starting practices. Obviously, baseball can only be played by a team, not a single person. What is one of the best ways to show team unity?

Matching shirts! Having a team that presents a unified front inspires teamwork and will help you get the best out of your players. Need an idea for a slogan? Below are the Top 29 Baseball Sayings, Slogans, and Quotes for Your Team Practice Shirts.

1. Every game is game seven

- Even though the World Series is half a year away, this is a great way to remind your team that every game matters, that every game counts.

2. Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left.

- Crack the bat, run the bases, and MAKE SURE you turn left. If you turn right, that could be an issue. But, hey, you’re an all star.

3. Actions speak louder than coaches

- Coaches, you know how loud you can get. Not as loud as parents who think you made a bad call, but pretty close. Let your team know that you can take a joke and put on a really cool shirt design.

4. The true champion loses many battles before winning the war

- Practice makes perfect, but sometimes the best teacher is failure. It truly builds your character. Everyone loses at some point, but real victors take that loss and learn from it.

5. It isn’t the hours you put in, but what you put in the hours

- Just because you put a lot of time into something, does not mean the end product is anything good. Your team needs to know that, yeah, you can have fun, but you need to work hard to be an all star.

6. The harder you work, the harder it is to lose.

- Hard work, dedication. Those are the two things all champions have to take it all the way to the top.

7. Look up, get up, but never give up

- This quick, punchy slogan will look really great on a shirt. It’s a good message that teams of all ages, from youth to adult, need to hear. Look up, to your coach, to your teammates. Get up, from a fall, from a slide into home plate. Never give up the drive.

8. One team, One dream

- The biggest thing that youth need to know about sportsmanship is that it is not just about you. It is about everyone on the team. This is a great shirt design that can teach your team a lesson about working together.

9. Unity in adversity

- The road may get tough, it may be slow to start, but you’re all in this together. You are a team. Wear a shirt that tells them that.

10. Train hard, Win easy

- Natural talent is great, but, most of the time, it’s not enough. Practicing hard will make victory a piece of cake.

11. Out hustle. Out work. Out play. Out last.

- Out on the diamond, you are part of one team, one machine. You all worked together to out pace every other team out there. Show your opponents how out of their league they are with this shirt.

12. You may be strong but we are stronger.

- Shots fired! This short slogan is a message to the other team, “Hey, we are here to play and we are going to do it way better than you.”

13. Hit, Run, Score! Repeat

- Quick, easy, versatile. This slogan will work with any design and will make your team look fantastic.

14. United we play, United we win!

- Baseball is America’s game. Just like this country, the team will not win unless you all work together. This slogan would be fantastic to help give your team a sense of purpose.

15. Champions are made when no one is watching

- Great talent often goes undiscovered. It is sad, but true. But, when you outshine your opponents, people start to take notice. Your team may seem like an underdog at times, but they can be champions.

16. No excuses, no complaining, no explanations…just execute!

- Champions work hard. Champions give results. If you want to be a champion, you need to stay focused, drop your excuses, and go for it. This slogan is a message that your team needs to hear. Wearing it on a shirt will help it sink in.

17. Winning is a habit. Success is a choice.

- If you are an excellent player, winning becomes routine. “Another team? Eh, another W!” However, relying on that routing can cause problems. Your team needs to think and focus on succeeding as a unit.

18. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

- You can be the most talented player on the field, but, if you don’t work hard at improving those talents, you are going to be left in the dust. Let your team know that they may be good, but they can always be better.

19. Practice with a purpose. Play with a passion.

- One goal. One end point. You want to win. Practice hard, play hard. Your victory will come easy if you play with passion.

20. Sweat makes the green grass grow.

- While not scientifically accurate, this is a fantastic slogan to inspire your team. If you aren’t sweating, the grass isn’t growing. Working hard will get good results.

21. Demand respect or expect defeat.

- If your team shows up on the diamond with no swagger, no drive, they are going to get trounced. This shirt will help your team know that image and talent are the two biggest parts of a successful team.

22. Never let good enough, be enough!

- You know, if an engineer built a bridge that was “good enough” they would be fired and would most likely have their license taken away. Just because it is “good enough” does not mean that it is enough to win. Your team needs to know that they are enough to win.

23. Sweat + Sacrifice = Success

- Success takes time. It takes drive and ambition. It takes long practices and Saturday afternoons. It takes summer heat and rain. To be an all star, you need to sweat and sacrifice.

24. Ya Gotta Believe!

- Okay, this seems a little corny, but the message is good. This is a rallying cry for your team to have them believe in themselves. If you do not believe in yourself or your team, you are bound to lose.

25. Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

- One big theme in this list is teamwork. You can’t win a baseball game by yourself. Teaching the youth to not focus on themselves but focus on the team will make this baseball season a surefire win.

26. We’re busting ours, to kick yours.

- Oh yeah, bringing the sass. Working hard is great, but working hard with an enemy in mind is even better. Plus, this slogan is pretty funny and will make you a more relatable coach!

27. “Leadership must be demonstrated, not announced”. – Fran Tarkenton

- Fran Trakenton was a player for the Minnesota Vikings for around 18 years. At the time of his retirement, he owned EVERY major quarterback record. This guy is an inspiration to any athlete, no matter the sport. You, coach, should lead by example. Be like Fran. Own the field.

28. “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

- John Wooden, the “Wizard of Westwood”, was the first basketball player to be named All-American three times. This guy can do it all. Well, maybe not ALL, but a lot. Did he let the stuff he couldn’t do get in the way of his talent? No! Have your team focus on their strengths to enhance the weaknesses.

29. “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

- Yogi Berra is a name synonymous with baseball. He has played in over 22 World Series and was on the winning team for over half of them. He knows that it isn’t just a strong body that will get the win. A strong mind is necessary to read your opponent.

Baseball is a great sport and can teach your team some great life lessons. Showing unity through a t-shirt design is a great way to help a team succeed! These and a lot of other great sayings are available to purchase. The slogans can be designed to meet your team’s specifications! Looking for something with just a team logo? Don’t worry, you can get those here, too!


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